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US: Texas – Mass Murder Is Not Always Terrorism

If Sutherland Springs, just east of San Antonio, Texas, was one of those sleepy little country towns we often hear about in literature–whether by Ernest Hemingway, Elmore Leonard or any other number of authors one might associate with such a phrase, it woke up on the morning of November 5 when half of the congregation

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New York City: Chaos Cloaked in White, June 30, 2017

A major New York City area hospital was the scene of a stunning series of gunshots today in which 5 were wounded and two more including the shooter were dead. Dr. Henry Bello, the shooter, had slipped into the hospital wearing a white lab coat in which he hid a “long gun.” As I’ve written

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Pluto, Full On – Part 3

At last, we have reached the point where I began–Pluto’s shift in apparent motion to direct again. And with these shifts to retrograde and direct, back and forth like the pendulum swings–yes, a direct reference to Edgar Allen Poe for who better than he could describe the horror we often feel when Pluto makes its

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