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Super Typhoon Hits the Philippines

Four regional signals alerted the Philippines to the arrival of Typhoon “Ompong” (Mangkhut) as it touched down in Luzon, home to the capital, Manila, in North Philippines at Baggao, Cagayan on Saturday morning. Bringing in heavy rains and gusts and winds up to 285 kph (pushing 178 mph), the category 5 typhoon promises to be

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Turbulence Ahead – Philippines 2015

Please note: In 2015, long after I wrote this article, my understandings of the quindecile, a 24° aspect, were born out of the new–mathematically accurate–name for the 165° aspect, now called undecaquartisextile. Please read about the Undecaquartisextile as its related aspect patterns which can be found in the Pluto – Full On series. You’ll find the Pluto –

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