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Missing in the Mediterranean: What Happened to Egyptair MS804?

Flight MS804 from Paris to Cairo went missing over the Mediterranean tonight, initially believed to have been roughly 135 km outside of Cairo airspace. Before I got very far into this article, authorities amended the range from Cairo to approximately 270 km north of the Egyptian coast, about twice as far. Nevertheless, based on the

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Canada: Tragedy in a Small Town

Tonight, as I was working on the largest of the next articles, another story caught my eye and I had to address it. I had covered teen suicide in the indigenous peoples–from the Pine Ridge, South Dakota reservation where I lived for my 16th summer to various areas of Canada and the First Nations there.

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Bill Cosby Charged with Aggravated Indecent Felony Assault!

I’m going to add the full analysis I already did on Bill Cosby last year when the news about his having been accused of sexual abuse began to break. After I do so, I’ll bring you up to date with additional thoughts–and analysis of what’s taken place today. In 2014, my post began, “Oh wow…Cosby…no

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