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Maryland – 6 Shot in Mass Shooting, 3 Dead

A Rite-Aid Warehouse Distribution Center in Maryland was the scene of this week’s third mass shooting in the United States. Within the 24-hour period before this latest shooting, another took place on Wednesday afternoon at a courthouse in Masontown, Pennsylvania and on Wednesday morning at a software company in Middleton, Wisconsin the latter of which

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A Household Name–Harper Lee–Has Moved On, But What a Legacy She Has Left Us!

You don’t live life in the Deep South as she did, watching its evolution through nearly 90 years without taking something of great depth and value from those times. Women had just won the right to vote a mere six years before her birth, and perhaps even that had made an impact on her. Harper

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How Chadwick and His Tablet Saved His Mom

When this story appeared on our local news last night, I knew I needed to cover it in just a brief glimpse. Obviously I don’t know his chart, but I know the situation, and it speaks so loudly to the things we can see in an incident like this. Four-year-old uses tablet to help save

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