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Political Valentines – The Title Even I Didn’t Expect!

Roses Are Red Violets Are Blue Here’s the political version Of what can happen to you! I originally had another title, and that’s still here. This article seemed to be so long, I expected it to become another article in parts andI surprised myself by still doing just one. Still, we never know when it comes to politics

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And we have lost another great, this time from Earth, Wind & Fire: RIP Maurice White

Founder of Earth, Wind & Fire Maurice White has left us as of yesterday according to a news release from the Associated Press (AP) earlier today. But perhaps it was that close to the shift between Wednesday and Thursday since Earth, Wind & Fire announced his passing as having taken place early this morning. Earth, Wind &

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Canada: Tragedy in a Small Town

Tonight, as I was working on the largest of the next articles, another story caught my eye and I had to address it. I had covered teen suicide in the indigenous peoples–from the Pine Ridge, South Dakota reservation where I lived for my 16th summer to various areas of Canada and the First Nations there.

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