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Envisioning and Reflecting, and Somehow It All Comes Together

I sit here on the morning of what the media are calling the “first Super Blue Blood Moon Trifecta since 1866,” shaking my head a bit at the word they missed–“eclipse.” But then how many types of “first” can you say in tandem before that mouthful reaches the point of the absurd? Perhaps this is

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Pluto, Full On – Part 3

At last, we have reached the point where I began–Pluto’s shift in apparent motion to direct again. And with these shifts to retrograde and direct, back and forth like the pendulum swings–yes, a direct reference to Edgar Allen Poe for who better than he could describe the horror we often feel when Pluto makes its

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Death by Train

UPDATE:  It is with deep sadness that I have to report I’ve just learned on our evening news that my belief this was death by suicide was correct. The “victim” was an 18-yo girl who plugged her ears and deliberately stood on the tracks with her back to the oncoming train. She was suffering from

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