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    I guess I forgot to mention that she is getting her phd in neuroscience at Suny Buffalo, she already has her Masters in Cell and Molecular Biology from SDSU. Your description explains a lot. She has had at least 3 maybe 4 of her best friends all of a sudden out of the blue just flake out on her, get mad at her without ever explaining why and each time they have left all of a sudden without their friendship with no explanation. Since I know she is an awesome friend I have always been at a loss to explain the possible reasons for her friends actions. She calls me almost every day as she is leaving her lab usually because she has had another tense day. She ends up having to clean up after everyone in her lab as well as deal with others sloppy work. I have tried suggesting just letting them be responsible for their own actions but when she feels they will reflect on her she can’t let them go. Anyway, thank you so much for explaining it so well.

    Michelle Young

    I’m glad I could help, Colleen! And congratulations on her journey through the Ph.D experience! The timing with this chart looks just perfect in terms of her growth!


    Seems like I get along just fine with Scorpio males. Have had a number of close, fraternal relationships with other men of that sign.

    Scorpio women are another matter. We wind up having wild, crazy sex for awhile, but wind up having little else in common – and the relationship invariably fizzles out (sort of like a firework that burns really hot and bright – and then, is done).

    Michelle Young

    Luckily, KJMcE, not all Scorpio women. πŸ™‚ I have a Scorpio rising, and I consider myself therefore in the Scorpio women category. I’m delighted to be your friend and nothing more. :yahoo:

    My point is thankfully not all people of a particular Sun or Moon or rising sign will ever be the same as all others in that category (said for those who don’t know: I trust you do). my point is also that there are Scorpio women–myself included–who you’ll probably find who are very comfortable with being your friend and want nothing more than that from you.

    You might consider the role your own chart plays in this mix as to what creates the setting you’ve described though.

    Just a thought… πŸ™‚

    Michelle Young

    Ohhh boy, thanks, Mercury retrograde! First Facebook stole my lower case A, S, G and U this morning, and now I’ve lost the ability to post emoticons? πŸ˜₯ Gah! That shock won’t even show now! What am I to do???

    It seems I can’t even upload the picture now to this post. Good grief!!!! (Leaving this edit in so you can see I haven’t lost my touch with graphics. lol It’s NOT my fault!)
    [Trying one more time to see if it’s fixed. Mercury Rx is really doing a number on computing issues today!]

    Checking again to see if even the smilies are enabled again…hmmm… I think this might be an issue for the behind-the-scenes geniuses. We’ll see. :whistle: [FINALLY! lol]

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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