What to expect if an eclipse falls on the same degree as your sun

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    Hey Michelle,

    I just saw something that said that the eclipse this Friday on February 10th will be at 22 degrees Aquarius and I realized that my youngest son has his sun at 22 degrees Aquarius conjunct his Midheaven also at 22 degrees Aquarius and I was wondering how that could affect him. Here is his information so you can check it for yourself: 2/11/90 born exactly at 12 noon, in San Diego, CA. I thought maybe a little distraction away from the orange one’s stupidity might be nice.



    Wow, I forgot my natal Saturn is at 22 degrees Aquarius…conjunct my natal moon and they are opposed by my natal mars in Leo, should I be worried?


    I just discovered your post, Colleen! My apologies for not answering sooner. I’m answering quite late right now. Let me sleep on this and I’ll be back later today to answer you. Again, I’m so sorry I didn’t discover this until now, but I’ve enabled the site to show when there are new forum comments now so that should solve the problem.

    Michelle Young

    My sincere apologies, @Colleenzb! With the havoc of the site needing to have the major components put back together, this thread completely slipped my mind! I know you’ll remember this is a rarity for me. Hopefully I can get back to this today. In the meantime, it’s usually indicative of a major kind of change in one’s life. I see now this is late and you were speaking about the eclipse from February. But it seems you’ll find the one in August relevant too. Still about your youngest and you?

    Until later…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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