watz rising in any particular sign? (Aug 31, 2007)

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    Michelle Young

    >> αησσρ αѕнтєк@|R <<•Aug 31, 2007
    watz rising in any particular sign?
    hey michelle thnx 4 gettin me in here hiya ppl out der ..
    anoop here frm india now der is sumthng intrestin tht i
    want to knw is tht wat is rising in zodiac …

    Michelle Astrology dp Michelle YoungAug 31, 2007
    Hi Anoop,

    Before I explain, please take time to avoid writing in SMS language. I have an enormous amount of difficulty in understanding what people are saying when they write like this. In addition, we have people from around the world in this community, and many of them are still learning English, so it’s a courtesy to them that makes me ask as well. Thank you. 🙂 (Besides, my moderators normally delete shorthand/SMS language posts because that’s noted in the Introduction. ) 🙂

    The rising sign is also known as the Ascendant. When the Western chart is constructed, it’s based on the date, year, exact time and place of birth. The Midheaven–the highest point on the chart wheel, where 12 appears on the clock–is the first place calculated on the chart. From there, the Ascendant and all of the other houses are calculated.

    On the natural wheel of the chart, Aries appears where the Ascendant is. It marks the beginning of the first house, which symbolizes the first impression you give to the world. The first house can often also reveal certain physical characteristics including physical health.

    Welcome to the community. 🙂

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