Uranus Brings a Christmas Gift!

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    Michelle Young

    Uranus will shift to Stationary Direct on the 25th of December in the USA, bringing with it a transiting Cardinal T-square with the Moon in tight but not partile opposition to Pluto in square to Uranus at the arm. Now I thought about making another feature article, and I probably will. But at least for now, how about a teaser?
    So that's coffee!
    Transiting Jupiter will be making a 48-minute partile conjunction to the ASC–and the Sun-Mercury midpoint will be making a 38-minute partile opposition to the Moon while still not establishing a partile conjunction to Pluto (but it is conjunct). Meanwhile, the Saturn-Neptune midpoint at 23 Capricorn 57 will make a 35-minute partile conjunction to Mercury.
    The cat slipped and fell into the toilet.
    For now, suffice to say while some might be making plans for the future, it seems like we may be seeing some very intense times as the moments of Christmas close out in the last hour of the day.

    Stay tuned. This might just become a feature article yet!

    Michelle Young

    The first of two Uranus direct articles, both related to this week’s events.

    A Uranus Direct Moment Steve Harvey Won’t Ever Forget!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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