The Cleaning Fairy Gets Busted!

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    Michelle Young

    Cleaning Fairy Pleads to Criminal Charge
    Neptune came to mind at once when I saw this news item since I always think of dust bunnies on the brain with Neptune transits.

    In this case, I thought of a home. That’s 4th house. The Moon rules the 4th house in the natural zodiacal chart, and Virgo can be said to be a cleaning bug. But Neptune was in the news! Could it be that the Moon was somewhere around the Midheaven–or perhaps since Moon rules Cancer, perhaps Cancer was on the Midheaven and the Moon was in Virgo? Maybe Virgo was on the Ascendant. For that matter, maybe the Moon was at home in Capricorn… (Please ignore her age and the place. It shouldn’t be relevant in this case since this is a forum based on the news, the situation–and speculation.)

    What do you think? Open for new posts–and discussion!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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