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    Michelle Young

    Michelle Astrology dp Michelle YoungMay 30, 2008
    Hi Gilberto,

    I’m going to state emphatically here that I would never work on synastry without also considering the composite chart. Alone, synastry can be confusing, and something that might be wise to address might end up being overlooked. I’ve found that the best and most accurate chart analysis consists of:

    1) the natal chart interpretations
    2) the synastry of chart A against chart B
    3) the synastry of chart B against chart A
    4) the midpoint composite chart consisting of charts A and B
    5) the synastry of chart A against the composite chart
    6) the synastry of chart B against the composite chart

    Researching, Gilberto, is a start but it will not be enough. The best analogy I can give here would be the person who wants to perform brain surgery to remove a tumor, so he researches how surgeons do it. Please don’t take that as a put down. I’m simply trying to explain that you can’t look up information and plug it in for any variation on a theme called accurate interpretation. As I explained elsewhere in this community this month, you need to see the whole picture and grasp the fluid interweaving of every component of the chart. It’s more than simply one planet against another. A planet in chart A falling in the 7th house in chart B is going to be understood differently than that planet falling in chart B’s 3rd house or 10th house or 12th house.

    In the years since my early studies in this field, I, like you and many others, used to try to do the very same things that you’re doing now. Yes, it’s likely that you know more than the average person about astrology, but consider that astrologers who have been in this field 20, 30, 40, even 50 years still study, still examine and analyze, still research more to fine tune for those nuances they might otherwise miss.

    I beg of you, Gilberto, do not take what I’m saying here as negative because it’s intended as a caution in the midst of encouragement for you to continue to study and explore this field.


    Michelle Astrology dp Michelle YoungMay 30, 2008
    Every source has different explanations because every source–site or astrologer who uses these programs–interprets according to whatever computerized reading program they’re using. If you go to a professional astrologer who does not use these kinds of programs (I’m one of them, but that’s not meant as a spam, just that they are out there), you will find the interpretations varying there too. The astrologer offers the HE–human element–to the reading, and that’s something no computer or site can offer you.

    Astrodienst, owned by a man named Alois, is an awesome site that offers the words of Robert Hand right from his books. StarIQ offers the words of Liz Greene, Rob Hand and others. Both are commendable sites, and I don’t want to slight any of the efforts of the creators of these sites. A few years ago, I had been offered an opportunity to write for StarIQ, in fact, so I do value what is done on these sites–but they are based on computerization and the input of various books, books I refer to as “cookbook astrology” (You plug it in and it spits out a brief blurb that relates strictly to a particular aspect showing in whatever you’re analyzing.). But cookbook astrology will never replace the real human being who you know is actually looking at your chart and is analyzing and interpreting based on his/her interactions with that chart, seeing it first hand, without the interference of the computer.

    You said you only posted the “more important/intense/relevant aspects” in the synastry. How do you know they’re the most important ones? Do you know what a quincunx is, Gilberto? Do you know how it operates? Please forgive my hesitance to accept your assessment here. It may or may not be accurate.

    When I was first studying astrology, I tried this plug-in routine of interpretation and understanding, and you’re right, it’s confusing. And often I later discovered it wasn’t only wrong but I should have listened to those who tried to guide me.


    Michelle Astrology dp Michelle YoungMay 30, 2008

    1) We were born 6 years and 6 months apart (3 days more and it would be exactly 6 years and 6 months apart)

    This isn’t relevant to a synastric reading, Gilberto.

    2) Taurus Sun opposing Scorpio Sun (< 5º difference to be exactly 180º)
    The orbs are important, yes, but it’s really not as important as you’re making it sound.

    3) Gemini Venus opposing Saggitarius Venus (< 5º)
    And in #10, you mention that your Mars trines her Venus within a 9° orb. That’s nice, and means more to me than the pair of Venuses in opposition to each other. What about her Mars to your Venus? What about her Pluto to your Venus, and yours to hers? What about Uranus?

    4) Cancer Jupiter opposing Capricorn Jupiter (< 4º)
    This is far from significant, Gilberto. Jupiter makes its return to its natal position every 12 years, so the fact that you’re 6 years older than her automatically gives you this opposition.

    5) My Exalted Uranus conjuncting exactly at 0º over her Sun

    This leads me to suspect that this won’t necessarily be a lasting relationship. I’m sorry, but Uranus is called the “expect the unexpected” planet. You might be together 6 months, 16 years or even longer, and then suddenly, poof! It’s gone just as quickly as it began. I’ll grant, however, that it’s exciting. (Why the need to mention that Uranus is exalted, btw?)

    6) My Domicile Moon trining exactly 135º over her Sun

    This is most definitely not a trine, Gilberto. It’s called a sesquiquadrate (also called a sesquisquare). It’s an abrasive aspect.

    7) My Sun conjuncting her North Node at Taurus (< 9º difference) 8) My Leo Saturn squarring her Sun and Saturn (< 6º)
    Your Leo Saturn in square to her Sun is important. If your relationship has started, it could be lasting, but I’m still more inclined to say these aren’t good aspects.


    Michelle Astrology dp Michelle YoungMay 30, 2008

    9) Her Aries/Taurus Moon sextiles my Moon at Cancer (I don’t know the time she was born, so the Moon can be at Aries or at Taurus)

    If you don’t know the time she was born, you really don’t know if her Aries/Taurus Moon sextiles your Cancer Moon–or something harsher.

    10) My Leo Mars trines her Venus (< 9º) and squares her Sun (< 3º)

    Your Mars square to her Sun could be very nice, or very troublesome. And this means you have a potential Mars-Saturn conjunction in square to her Sun-Saturn conjunction. Frankly, I wouldn’t touch a Mars-Saturn square in synastry with a 10-foot pole, Gilberto. It speaks of potential abuse and mental cruelty at worse and potential bad timing between you at best.

    11) My Exalted Jupiter trines her Sun and her Fall Jupiter trines my Sun (< 6º)

    Whether your Jupiter is exalted and hers is in fall means little here, Gilberto, and I think you meant in #12 that your Midheaven opposes her Venus, and that’s also not that significant.

    I already read … at,,, etc etc. … for the reading that matches most perfectly what I feel deeply in my heart.

    Gilberto, there is no astrologer or astrological site–computerized or otherwise–that will commit 100% to an interpretation without her time of birth. It all becomes speculation. That’s especially true, however, with (Astrodienst).

    I don’t have a reputation for beating around the bush because I try to be as honest and as straight-shooting as I can at the same time I really try not to hurt others. So forgive my bluntness here. I hear your heart, Gilberto, and I recognize the tune all too well, as I’m sure many here do. In a nutshell, if this is already a relationship, enjoy it while it lasts, but don’t look for a “forever.” If it’s not a relationship, I would be inclined to say it won’t happen.


    Michelle Astrology dp Michelle YoungMay 30, 2008
    I’m very sorry. No, it’s not a reading, Gilberto. I didn’t even see the charts. 🙂 What it is, however, is priceless for this community because it still teaches people here that minute puzzle pieces don’t make an entire reading. It teaches people that you cannot take cookbook astrology or a blurb from this site or that (especially to fit the heartbeat of your own heart) and think it will be “enough” for the kind of reading one wants to hear. You can fantasize about the “what ifs.” You can rationalize and convince yourself of the words you long to hear, but you cannot twist astrology to make it what you want it to be and still have it be accurate.

    With all my heart, I wish I could be happier about what you’ve shown me, but I’m more concerned about a heart being shattered. I hope I’m wrong, I really do, but please don’t count on that.

    On the advice scale for you? If you really want readings, get her accurate time of birth too. It will be invaluable.

    Hope that helps and, again, I’m sorry.

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