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    Michelle Young

    Michelle Astrology dp Michelle YoungFeb 28, 2010
    Hi all,

    I know I’m usually missing on the weekends, but a headline in our local papers today nudged me to come out of hibernation long enough to give those of you living in low-lying and coastal areas–from California, Washington and British Columbia to Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand and all other areas with coasts where any of you might be–to stay out of these areas as much as you can this week. The period from three or more days before a SuperMoon through roughly 3 or more days after the SuperMoon are the most likely to offer much drama that will include tsunamis, hurricanes, monsoons, earthquakes, and so on, depending on where you live.

    Tomorrow’s (28 February 2010) SuperMoon falls at 9 Virgo 59. It’s a Full Moon, which means the Sun will be at 9 Pisces. The water sign of Pisces is ruled by Neptune, and the warnings about the tsunamis now forecast as a result of the 7.0 earthquake in Okinawa and the 8.8 earthquake in Chile, both within the last 24 hours, are proof in the pudding. Don’t mess with this one. This is the second of the SuperMoons for 2010 within 30 days.

    Samoa is being evacuated along its coasts already.

    I can’t tell you where or even if this means more trouble, but I’m leaning toward a “yes, more trouble” here. What connected in my mind this time was my remembering that the earthquake in Haiti, shortly after the January SuperMoon, was along a fault line that had been quiet there for some 200 years, and people tend to become complacent.

    Just be alert especially now. We don’t need more scares around here, right?

    I’ve posted this in my other community as well.

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