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    Michelle Young

    Nats Nats~SiftingSand of TimeJun 7, 2009
    Significance of this period ..
    July 26-Aug 3 2010

    What does this period signify ?? the aspects according to western astrology …

    ..To me it signifies a major upheaval in the USA . and a defining moment in the history of our world .

    ..Especially the peak of this maybe disintegration is

    Jul 30 = Avg of 9 bodies to Zero Cap = Hades

    ..coordinates …

    I think the USA will go to Hades ..

    Nats Nats~SiftingSand of TimeJun 15, 2009
    NOTE : the chart of the USA … It can be found on any astrological site online ..

    and then note these above facts of the period mentioned and how they coordinate .

    THis period seems to be a decisive in the Global future move …Also one should note the Mayan claender comes to an end approx at the period of the earths wobble cycle very soon … THE DATE OF that is left to question .Noone is certain .

    ………Just google for any of the above you dont undersatnd or have heard of . I cant post all of it here ..

    Just posting the series of events that are there in that phase …

    YEAR 2010

    Jul 17 = Saturn squares Hades

    Jul 23 = Mars squares Galactic Center

    Jul 26 = Saturn opposes Uranus

    Jul 29 = Mars squares Hades

    Jul 30 = Mars to Zero Libra opposes Uranus

    Jul 30 = Avg of 9 bodies to Zero Capricon = Coordinates of Hades

    Jul 31 = Mars conjunct Saturn

    Aug 1 = Hades to Zero Cap

    Aug 3 = T-Square with Mars opp Jupiter both square Pluto

    Aug 8-9 = Uranus to Zero Aries squares Hades

    Aug 19 = T-Square Jupiter opp Saturn both square Pluto/Moon

    Considering that ALL these things are on the CARDINAL AXES, it would seem far more important than the Mayan Date popularly designated! IN DEC 2012 ..that the wobble would complete or the USA would be in danger .
    If one does a solar return on the USA chart for this period day for a year , month for a year and checks it a very bad period .

    Also the Winter Solstice 2010 has a Lunar Eclipse minutes away from Zero Cap & conjunct Hades

    Maybe the poles flip on this one?! its end of the wobble

    – or wait until the Uranus squares Pluto on the Fall

    Equinox of 2012? THE MAYAN DATE … when the wobble is supposed to end one rotation of approx 26000 years

    Michelle Astrology dp Michelle YoungJun 15, 2009
    Nats, I’ll discuss this with you tomorrow. Because of my recent health issues, I’ve been online a minimum during the weekends.

    Michelle Astrology dp Michelle YoungJun 15, 2009
    Btw, your reference to the US chart needs to be clarified. There is no AA Rodden rating for any US chart because the exact time has never been established. The best one can do is work with a rectified chart, and the one generally accepted today is that of the Sibly chart. Until I reply further, the following reference will help to explain why this particular chart, at least from the perspectives of Ed Kohout with whom I had the honor of working on this project:
    The Riddle of the Sibly Chart for American Independence(Masonic Astrology and the Fixed Square of the Zodiac)

    Michelle Astrology dp Michelle YoungJun 15, 2009
    Omg, forgive the quick notes! This is the last one before my reply tomorrow! lol

    You wrote, “If one does a solar return on the USA chart for this period day for a year , month for a year and checks it a very bad period .

    You cannot do a solar return without an exact time of birth, Nats. You won’t be able to get an accurate reading. Given the dramatic range of times tested with the US chart, you’re simply searching for a needle in a haystack.

    Michelle Astrology dp Michelle YoungJun 16, 2009
    Nats, my apologies, but I can’t accept your thoughts on this, as I explained last night especially in relation to the Solar Return chart for the United States of America. You just cannot do an accurate analysis, interpretation and forecast based on a speculative time of “birth” for a person or event. It’s always going to be a hit and miss, and it would seem that most of what you’re proposing here is based on speculation.

    This is really no different from what we could do even with the concept of the Mayan calendar and what will happen when that comes to an end. It’s easy to develop a Doomsday mindset whether about the Mayan calendar, about this period between 26 July and 3 August 2010, or about any hard aspect of Pluto and Mars for that matter.

    I don’t know what causes so many astrologers–and we are among them at any point in time for that matter–to allow our eyes to grow large and determine that we are among the ones who have noticed the perfect configuration to make dramatic declarations that won’t have us falling flat on our faces. 😀 But we are all guilty of doing so sooner or later in our careers.

    I’m not convinced, and the reason I’m not and will not be convinced is from the loose looks at a broad period of time between mid-July and mid-August, that are then compared to a national chart that will never be more than speculative…there are simply too many “ifs” here.

    Your comments on 2012 also caused me to raise my eyebrows. It seems as if you’re grabbing at straws. For what it’s worth, I’ll share what I said on the matter in my other community:


    Michelle Astrology dp Michelle YoungJun 16, 2009
    These are the three most prominent sites related to the Mayan calendar:
    The last URL I gave you amused me a bit because it referred to the “Great Cycle” at 26000 years. Well, this is also called the Great Year, which was last calculated (guesstimated) by NASA at 25828 years. Right there, there’s a huge issue because those calculations have to be accurate in order for such a concept to be considered viable. If you can’t calculate accurately, the whole hypothesis is going to remain an hypothesis because an hypothesis has to be proven in order to make a theory.
    Now I calculated the chart based on the time noted on that page. Every indication that I see in this chart relates to a possibility of higher spiritual thought, which would be understandable if people have decided that this is the end of the world. lol It’s not. 🙂
    The moment that’s noted in that chart shows the Sun in Capricorn at the degrees and minutes for the winter solstice in the Northern hemisphere, and the Moon in Aries, but not at what’s called Aries point, 0°0’0″. The Sun is square Uranus which is conjunct the Moon, but the Moon would not be square the Sun if Uranus weren’t involved. But please note that even here, we’re talking about an awakening. Pluto is conjunct the Sun and square the Moon and therefore also square Uranus. Neptune in Neptune-ruled Pisces in the 12th house, its own home, is conjunct the Pisces Ascendant and represents the arm of a T-square involving Venus in the 9th house in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius in opposition to Jupiter in the 3rd house in Gemini.
    I’d call this a potential spiritual awakening. That does not say the end of the world. And it’s completely logical to expect that there might be some form of a spiritual awakening given the thought that the world might be coming to an end.

    Michelle Astrology dp Michelle YoungJun 16, 2009
    I’m especially convinced that this could be a spiritual awakening since Pluto’s presence in this way emphasizes that it would be a long, slow, transformative process. The end of the world would imply something immediate and dramatic, not an awakening. While Saturn is in the 8th house in Scorpio, and the Sun and Pluto are in Saturn-ruled Capricorn, it seems to me that this is more associated with that more conservative concept of awakening as well since Saturn and Pluto are both quincunx to Jupiter, which represents, at this degree, a yod, known as the Eye of God. Pluto’s hard aspects to Jupiter usually reveal some kind of order, as in organization, and this too would make sense with such a precise yod. Yods are often described as two quincunxes (150°) within 1° of orb and the farther points of those quincunxes (away from the point Jupiter represents as the Eye of God) can be within 2° of orb to sextile each other. In this case, that sextile also possesses an orb within 1°.

    Order and organization also imply this long, slow, transformative process, not the massive upheaval and chaos that the end of the world would most likely imply.

    Hope that clarifies even more.

    Michelle Young

    Michelle Astrology dp Michelle YoungJun 19, 2009
    Asking about the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Saturn-ruled Capricorn 11 years down the road, Pushkar, is going to be along the lines of the guessing games I saw many astrologers play some years ago with the hard aspects of Mars and Pluto versus any other hard aspected planets. You simply can’t do that any more than you can put chicken and rice together and expect that’s all you need to make Chicken Biryani. 😉 You simply must consider the other interweavings of the chart because the entire chart for any event will work together.

    When it comes to long-term planetary conjunctions, understand that you’re speaking about a transit of Saturn which generally takes about 28-30 years and a transit of Pluto which takes approximately 248 years. How that works with all the other planets slipping through the zodiac during that period is going to be a longshot, isn’t it? After all, everything isn’t going to be 100% bad, nor is it going to be 100% good.

    Nats Nats~SiftingSand of TimeJun 21, 2009
    well i am not a doomsdayer . I am very optimistic mostly since i know a bit of astrology and anticipate what to expect many a time .
    I use this date for the usa :
    The Continental Congress adopted the Articles of Confederation, the first constitution of the United States, on November 15, 1777.
    The current name was finalized on November 15, 1777, when the Second Continental Congress adopted the Articles of Confederation, the first of which states, “The Stile of this Confederacy shall be ‘The United States of America.'”
    and the below is the chart .
    (Sep 3, 2015 – Sorry. No link, no graphic, and because she hadn’t shared the data, there’s no way to post the chart she used.)

    If you enable html on the Community ORkut settings you could get the chart right into the scrapbook insted of the link ..
    There is a check box for enable html on comm settings .

    Nats Nats~SiftingSand of TimeJun 22, 2009
    Well, this is also called the Great Year, which was last calculated (guesstimated) by NASA at 25828 years.


    yes thats why i wrote the word APPROXIMATEly 26000 years .. since even the mayans in the year BC would find it difficult to calculate the duration of the earth wobble .
    But maybe these would be the synonimous with our YUGAS or epochs of time in hindu mytholody .We are currently traversing the last and fourth yuga ..Kali yuga .

    … Our mythology says kalki is to come soon ..

    Michelle Astrology dp Michelle YoungJun 23, 2009
    Nats, I will urge you to be better informed on US history. The Continental Congress proposed the Articles of Confederation to the colonies but the Articles were not ratified by all 13 of the colonies for another 3.5 years.
    (Sep 3, 2015 – Interesting link on American history at but not the original link that was there–that I could find on a quick check.)
    Final ratification was on 1 March 1781. On that date, the Continental Congress actually ceased to exist, and the next stage of the national transformation began. The Articles of Confederation were put into place to offer some stability during the American Revolutionary War. They were intended as a temporary form of stability to the colonies while they were creating a stable Union, and they were in effect for seven years, till June 1788. There were many problems with the Articles, which were never intended as a permanent foundation. In fact, the inauguration of George Washington as the nation’s first president didn’t take place until 30 April 1789, after the Articles were no longer in use.
    Articles of Confederation
    George Washington’s Inaugural Address
    As for the chart you offered, I could find no time (on the clock) to justify that noon hour used, and the Articles were not proposed in Philadelphia but in York, Pennsylvania.

    Michelle Astrology dp Michelle YoungJun 23, 2009
    Now I’m sorry, but again, the late Lois Rodden worked very hard and diligently to impress on Western astrology (and hopefully on all astrologers, regardless of which school) the need to strive for accuracy in data. Approximation of the Great Year at 26000 years or 25828 years–again, as I noted, last calculated, or guesstimated, by NASA–is simply not enough to present a convincing source of data for us to work with. If you work with charts for babies born a mere 3 minutes apart in the same location, you will find completely different events that will transpire in their lives. While they may have parallels in their lives, there will not be a guarantee that both people will have identical experiences. If it were a life-and-death situation, wouldn’t you want to be as sure as possible with what you were forecasting?
    Similarly, when you are trying to present a case such as you have here, and as you have tried in another thread I’ll reply to, you cannot start with a speculative chart based on a loose time, a date that is based on a proposal that won’t even be accepted for 3.5 years, and a location that you have close to the site but not the site (York is near Philadelphia, but the two cities are not one, nor were they in 1777.).
    With no disrespect intended to either you, your culture or Indian mythology, I’m not going to quiver in my boots just yet over these comments you’ve made based on speculation and inaccurate history. My reply to your other thread, I’m afraid, will be even briefer for the same reason.

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