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    Michelle Young

    Scorpio ……………………….Oct 15, 2009
    Retrograde Saturn
    Hi all can someone tell me what does retrograde saturn indicate in natal chart? thanks

    Michelle Astrology dp Michelle YoungOct 15, 2009
    Some people tend to see retrogrades as negative. Perhaps it’s that my own chart shows five retrogrades out of the 10 luminaries and planets. Four of those retrogrades–Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto–are the outer planets. Have I struggled in my life? Sure, but honestly, who hasn’t?

    March and McEvers, in their series, The Only Way to Learn Astrology, point to old school astrologers who often possessed a doomsday approach to the retrogrades, claiming that such planets were weak, unlucky, and other negatives. But while the energies in a retrograde are different than you are used to hearing, “different” isn’t necessarily bad. What role it plays can be more subtle and less easy to discern, but it’s there. For some of us with retrogrades, the process can be internal. In other cases, it might be a matter of the person taking longer to mature, and I frequently see this with Saturn. (Does Saturn rule the chart, for example? This lack of maturity may well be the result, but I’d be hesitant to declare even that without also considering the house in which Saturn is sitting.)

    According to March and McEvers, Saturn’s retrograde shows up as free will and attitude in contrast to Saturn’s usually defined role as the disciplinarian and teacher. But remember, even if it’s a matter of free will and attitude, one who displays free will and attitude to the point of ignoring that discipline and focus could end up displaying a lack of maturity. So it’s important to take note of the behaviors related to that retrograde Saturn. You can often tell even more by noting what natal planets and/or luminaries are in hard aspect to that natal Saturn.

    March and McEvers say, “Negatively used, you may feel insecure or even inferior, because as you look within you don’t like what you see. You fear rejection and therefore expose yourself as little as possible to situations that may result in a rebuff or make you feel this way.”


    Michelle Astrology dp Michelle YoungOct 15, 2009
    “You seem to need constant encouragement and you lack the ambition usually innate in Saturn. However, used positively, you will look within and at an early age already be fairly clear as to who you are, where you are going, and what you will do about getting there. You are more deliberate in attaining your goals in a quiet and unobtrusive way–but you do attain them! Some may consider you to be too serious; however, you do have a sense of humor, only it is self-directed.”

    I actually quoted more than I intended, but I decided to do so with an additional thought in mind–again based on my own experiences with these retrogrades, Saturn and others. Nothing, not Saturn or any other retrograde or even direct motion planets, is always one way. What I mean by that is simple:

    When we were babies, we had to go through the steps of learning to walk and talk. It wasn’t a “born with” kind of action. The same thing is true here. If we conquer our immaturities, for instance, that doesn’t mean you’re through the negative sides of this. On the other hand, if you are “fairly clear” and deliberate in attaining your goals, and so on, that doesn’t mean you’re going to bypass all of the negative sides–and that’s true whether we’re speaking about retrograde planets, whichever retrogrades, or those in direct motion in challenging aspect to other planets and luminaries.

    I hope this gives you food for thought and helps you to see what you were seeking. 🙂

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