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    Michelle Young

    Saswat Saswat SwainNov 8, 2006
    Remedial Astrology
    Hi Everyone,
    In Eastern(Vedic) Astrology there are losts of remedial ways for cases like use of gem stones, Mantras, or some action. All have one fundamental is to maintain the harmony by trying to balance the energy of body. Well is it work or not is debatable.
    But do we have same kind of remedial astrology in western astrology. Please share the knowledge on this.

    Michelle Astrology dp Michelle YoungNov 8, 2006
    Saswat, remediation is not used at the foundations of Western astrology. Some Western astrologers, like Eastern astrologers, will use it, but it is not associated with the practice of astrology itself.

    Saswat Saswat SwainNov 12, 2006
    Thats nice to hear. Oneless controversy. Well about medical astrology i.e predicting which kind of health related problem some one may have etc. Does western astrology belives in this. If yes how do some one advice on that.

    Michelle Astrology dp Michelle YoungNov 12, 2006

    I’m very very cautious about this, Saswat. I have advised clients to see a doctor when I’ve seen potential health issues arising, as you frequently can in the Solar and Lunar Returns, but I will never attempt to diagnose.

    I’ve stated to my clients that it might be time for a checkup; but the diagnosis is the job of the doctor, not of the astrologer.

    Michelle Astrology dp Michelle YoungNov 13, 2006
    Anandharajan, Linda Goodman doesn’t even touch on what can be gleaned from the chart. That’s not the issue, and my apologies if you thought I was saying it wasn’t possible.

    You can see much related to health issues from the chart. It extends far beyond the Sun signs. I have three concerns about such considerations here, however. First, the Sun signs are not the only matters at hand because each of the planets also enter into the mix. Secondly, and this is my bigger concern…astrologers are not doctors. You can note that a particular area of the body might be involved, but you absolutely do not have the capability to diagnose health matters and it is dangerous–and can be deadly–to the client for an astrologer to do so. Finally, if a client is looking to the astrologer to address such things and therefore puts off seeing a doctor when s/he needs one, precious time can be lost.

    The client can be experiencing several causes related to stress. If there are an inordinate number of these stress-related issues, the astrologer may not even notice the potential for a related concern about the health. That may seem melodramatic to anyone reading this, but it’s a fact. The Sun sign isn’t the be all, end all, and–again–the astrologer is not a doctor and could actually be doing more harm than good in delving into matters beyond.

    Thank you for bringing this up, however. We can’t address the potentials as I just mentioned if we aren’t willing to take a step and comment. 🙂

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