Pluto and the Galactic Center2 (Sep 20, 2007 – originally from Dec 2006)

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    Michelle Young

    Michelle - Orkut shot Michelle YoungSep 20, 2007
    Pluto and the Galactic Center2
    A repost from December 2006–till the forum hopefully returns:

    [Sep 2, 2015: The “forum returns” reference refers to an attack on Scorpio in September 2007, when the original Scorpio community had been attacked.]

    Once every 248 years, Pluto conjuncts the Galactic Center (GC) of the universe. The last time, humanity was in the mid-1700s, a chaotic time of war and peace, earthquakes in areas we don’t normally associate with earthquakes (Cairo and Lisbon), and new experiences–the first hospital in America, a chocolate factory in Germany and roller skates in Belgium. Peter VI of Russia was deposed in a coup, Robert Clive “reformed” India, international musical possession (a variation of musical chairs, mind you) of land was in (Louisiana went Spanish, and Canada went British), exotic Tahiti was discovered and Daniel Boone headed for the American frontier.

    Halley’s comet was spotted in the heavens, the Gregorian calendar was in use in Great Britain, horseracing became fashionable at Newmarket in England, Ben Franklin played with his kite and his key (hello, electricity!), and Canadians got to go to the post office. The celebs of then are historic names to us now–Patrick Henry, Joseph Haydn, Rousseau, Marie Antoinette, Voltaire, Mozart, and Immanuel Kant.

    It’s said that Pluto’s transit of the GC heralds a time associated with heightened creative talents, unique expression and original thought. Pluto, as many of you know by now, is Scorpio’s primary ruler. Keywords associated with Pluto include intensity and transformation.

    On Friday, it was announced that Pluto conjuncted the GC again. As far as I’m concerned, it’s been conjunct the entire year. In March 2006, Pluto stationed at 26 Sagittarius 45, and that was considered exactly conjunct the GC then, but now Pluto is at 26 Sagittarius 57, and this announcement has been made. Pluto moves so slowly, and the GC is very large, so I suppose both are true. I do know that there is something different, special, about this time, and I’m personally fascinated because I was born with the GC said to be exactly square my Sun.
    Michelle Young – Sep 20, 2007
    It would seem then that the changes we’ve seen over the last year and the changes still to come in 2007 will indeed mark a time of new beginnings, new challenges, and heightened expression through thought and talent. Unfortunately, it also warns that we must be more protective of each other throughout the world. Plutonian power is massive. It speaks of things like nuclear power as we saw rising at the end of WWII. Back in the 1700s, there was still massive transformation coming. Ben Franklin proved we would have something called electricity. While I associate electricity with Uranus more than I do with Pluto, the act of the discovery that can change a world’s relationship with its way of life is certainly clearly transformative!

    How would you envision this age of reckoning we have before us then? What changes do you see coming in the ways we can relate with our individual and collective ways of life? You might figure that we’re talking about the period from 2006 through 2026. What would you like to do to help such a process be smoother?

    (No posts will be allowed that express hatred for any culture or nation, and those who do so will be immediatelybanned. No excuses at all!)

    Michelle Young

    As I posted the above today, I found my thoughts wandering back over the last eight years since this was posted for the second time. I can think of several things, including the world economic crisis, demands for government and corporate accountability, questions of nuclear power in Iraq, Israel, North Korea and Pakistan, and more.

    I’m not trying to name all of these transformations on my own. This is just a small effort to inspire your thinking about other events that appear to have taken place in the years since then. Pluto is the flavor. How you dish it up is what counts in this thread.

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