Mercury Retrograde is Clearly in Action!

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    Michelle Young

    This isn’t a transit we can call unexpected. The timing is just priceless and points to how Mercury Retrograde can work even in the more mundane version. 🙂 This one took place tonight in New York City when the MTA (Metropolitan Transit Authority) said the Long Island Railroad was “hit by delays and cancellations.”

    LIRR Hit by Delays and Cancellations During Evening Rush, MTA Says

    The headline really says it all since this was from a New York City local site. The rest was just speaking about specific stops on the train.

    Ah Mercury, dear old Mercury, you’ve done it again! Oh, and speaking of doing it again, while Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump today (I think I’ve just entered outer space with that thought! :wacko: ), I wonder how long before she considers removing that endorsement from her embarrassment over her son who was arrested just last night for drunken assault, domestic violence, and he was in possession of a weapon while intoxicated! Here’s the scoop on that!

    I refuse to ask if anything crazier can occur.

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