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    Michelle Young

    November 25, 2015

    My notifications just popped up to remind me we’re now in the Mercury-Saturn transiting conjunction in square to Neptune, the Peeling of Life’s Onion. Are you feeling it? Don’t fear it. It’s okay to think deeply, to feel saudade (a Portuguese word for longing perhaps wistfully) and even seriously, as many of us will be doing in view of events over the last week.

    We are in the midst of living life, aren’t we?
    In the midst of living life

    Try to remember if we had no sorrow and longing, we wouldn’t know the happiness and feelings of fulfillment in our lives. I’m remembering a favorite quote of mine from Kahlil Gibran, “The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain.

    “Undine” by George Frederick Watts, recently shared by The Mysto Erector, brings to mind these very thoughts of saudade, thinking deeply and seriously. Don’t buy into the negative illusions you may have in mind now. Focus on the positives. They are still there. If you’re working on something, this time is great for analysis and critical thinking, but remember the editor you need to be and tap it well. This doesn’t have to be only about the Peeling of Life’s Onion. You just have to recognize that life isn’t all about our dreams being fulfilled. Sometimes, we have to ponder the problems to find the solutions.

    Blackmore’s Night – “The Circle

    “I’ve been here for a million years
    trough the joy, through the tears
    but when I’m gone this will go on
    and the circle starts again.

    “I’ve watched the mountains rise from dust
    Saw the gold return to rust,
    I had cried when the oceans died,
    and the circle starts again.

    “I was here when the world began to turn
    Kissed the sun as it started to burn,
    The whispering at the reckoning
    said: “The Circle starts again”

    “The moon was rising from above
    I caught her eye and thought it was love,
    but she turned her back,
    the sky went black,
    and the circle starts again..

    “I dance through castles made of stone
    Walked the desert sands alone
    In the midnight hour, You feel the power
    and the circle starts again.

    “Now question falls to you my friend:
    No beginning has no end,
    will we ever learn?
    with the world still turn?
    will the circle start again?” (Lyrics from Blackmore’s Moon)

    Namaste, I love you.
    ©2015 Michelle Young

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