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    Michelle Young

    Michelle - Orkut shot Michelle YoungJan 5, 2009
    Jupiter says hello to Aquarius!

    When I see Jupiter and Uranus together in a chart, the energy tends to be quite unmistakeable. It’s spontaneous and downright electric–and you don’t really know when it’s coming or when it’ll hit, but the best part of this is that I’m talking about luck, unexpected, just when you need it, the kind that makes you light up and say, “Wow! Where did that come from?”

    Now obviously, you’re not really sure where it will hit unless you know your chart. If you do, look for 0° of Aquarius, because that’s where it will be as of mid-afternoon today, and Jupiter won’t be leaving Aquarius for about another year!

    Beyond that electric kind of spontaneous energy I’m talking about, it’s good for you especially if your Sun is in Scorpio, but it’s not to shabby either if your Sun is in Leo or Taurus–or Sagittarius or Aries, or Gemini or Libra–or rather it will be good for you if you have any planets that carry that perfect combination one might see as magic and luck. Obviously, you probably won’t be lucky alllllllllll year, but I’m sure you won’t be complaining if you have a number of these kinds of strokes of luck, will you?

    Jupiter is expansive, and I’ll remind you that if you don’t want to expand on your waistline and would rather expand the contents of your wallets/purses, you’ll concentrate more on that better paying job, the determination to start a savings account this year, the random acts of kindness you decide to do (did you know there’s actually a university here in the USA that offers a scholarship if you’re caught doing those random acts of kindness?), and less on the fattening foods that are tempting your taste buds.

    I’ll grant one more thing, btw: if your Mars is in Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio or Taurus, and you want to increase the size of your family, this could just be your year!

    What kind of Aquarius innovative magical luck are you looking for this year?

    Nikhil Londhe – Jan 5, 2009
    What kind of Aquarius innovative magical luck are you looking for this year?

    Finding love? 

    Michelle - Orkut shot Michelle YoungJan 5, 2009
    A quick thought on that here, Niki: Jupiter will be conjuncting your Moon (and mine) between now and Valentine’s Day. It’s generally thought that a female will assist you with something when Jupiter conjuncts your Moon. I’ve usually found this to be the case, although it’s never been a bells and whistles, WOW! kind of thing. It should be quite pleasant though.

    Given that your Venus is sextile to your natal Moon, and this sextile should be exact before the end of this month, I would imagine you’ll find nice stuff to be smiling about this month and next. 

    I’ll add here for anyone who is wondering: I’ll be analyzing Niki’s chart in the Help, please thread soon. I’m in the midst of developing Triinu’s as I write this, and Nikhil is next. As a result, I know his chart quite well already.

    Michelle - Orkut shot Michelle YoungJan 5, 2009
    One more thing, Niki: You might enjoy playing a small amount here and there on the lottery, if you have one there, between now and Valentine’s Day. No, if you win, it won’t be a huge blowout event, just a little extra pleasantry. 

    Virdah Khan – Jan 6, 2009
    Love,Money (yes I would do with a free cash flow) & I don’t want any expansion of the waistline rather the contrary. I got a long list of things that I fervently hope to get right this year.

    Murali Murali SankarJan 6, 2009
    So I’ll become Superman this year!!!! 

    Sourabh Sethi – Jan 7, 2009
    LOL, I thought neo is already superman in the matrix, LOL.

    Murali Murali SankarJan 7, 2009
    Whoa!!!! Look who’s back!!! From a vacation tooo long!!! 

    Raghunandan …….. – Jan 8, 2009
    My Organisation in a Soup….
    Hmmm the year started with the doom of my comapny well dont know where it is heading(either I dont know where am i heading) for, with this JUPITER (expansive) comming to picture……So Michelle what is your opinioin on this would it be totally wiped off…..

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