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    Michelle Young

    Nando Nando GuimaresDec 1, 2007
    Jupiter and Pluto In Sagitario
    “It is a conjunction of symphonic proportions and it happens roughly every twelve years. Cecil B. DeMille had it. So did Abraham Lincoln, Charles Darwin, Edgar Allan Poe, Mahatma Gandhi, Picasso, FDR, Martha Graham, Josephine Baker, and twin newspaper advice columnists Abigail Van Buren and Ann Landers.

    Between August 1930 and March 1931, three of the world’s wealthiest and most powerful billionaires: Warren Buffet, George Soros, and Rupert Murdoch were born with it natally. Billy Graham, Bill Gates, Mick Jagger, Mel Gibson, James Earl Jones, Bill Maher, Gwen Ifill, Ricki Lake, Rachael Ray and both Sid Bernstein and Leonard Bernstein have ‘it’ in their charts too.

    As the first Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in the religion-media-publishing-political ‘my truth can beat up your truth’ law centric/living large sign of Sagittarius since 1758 approaches, the buzz in and on the air suggests that it will not disappoint. As the holiday shopping season begins, “What Would Jesus Buy” starring Reverend Billy is knocking ’em dead at the movie theaters.” (by Shelley Ackman – NCGR)

    It’s good to observe it, since they are at the Galactic Center for the very first time!!!

    grinumm grinumm ..Dec 2, 2007
    🙂 @ the previous sentence..

    i think this conjunction will be conjunct my natal jupiter (in 11 th house, 29 deg saggitarius) – wonder what that could bring.. any ideas ?.

    Ana Ana Matilde PereiraDec 4, 2007
    Any idea?
    Well, the conjuction of Jupiter and Pluto is in transit in my 2nd house just opposite to Jupiter in my birth chart (28o Gemini – house 8).

    Can anybody give me a clue of what to expect?

    grinumm grinumm ..Dec 5, 2007
    maybe something to do with money/ resources ?

    Michelle Astrology dp Michelle YoungDec 7, 2007
    It’s good to observe it, since they are at the Galactic Center for the very first time!!!

    For the last few days, I’ve used my trusty calculator and a lot of dustbunnies floating around in this Neptunian brain of mine, Nando, because I was struggling to believe this would be the case. But after spending all this time, going back to the year 500 by subtracting 42′ from the calculations for the GC every 50 years, while Jupiter and Pluto have been in Sagittarius at the same time and one or the other may have been at the actual GC, they were not conjunct at the GC before. Interestingly, btw, the late Betty Lundsted would have said they were simply because they were in the same sign, and I would have vehemently rejected that idea…but there are some astrologers who feel that was the case. So be it. 😉

    Interestingly, we had two great leaders arise during these moments of Pluto and Jupiter being in Sagittarius through the centuries: Kublai Khan, the grandson of Genghis Khan, became the leader of the Mongol Empire, and Henry the VIII became king of England at these times. The first paper money was printed in China in 1023, another of these times. But I didn’t really find enough to conclude that major events–i.e., significant events that would be marked by a specific date in the annals of history–would take place.

    As for eras, of course, that’s a different scenario. When I think of what I had said related to Pluto’s move shortly into Capricorn, and I consider what Rob Hand had said about a Jupiter-Pluto conjunction transit, the issue of order itself would become very important. Jupiter and Pluto together speaks to a need to address legal issues. Not that they have to be bad, but there does have to be some kind of transformation in relation to order, making sense out of what may not have been so sensible and logical in the past perhaps.


    Michelle Astrology dp Michelle YoungDec 7, 2007
    We have waded through the spoils of the Catholic Church as it has pulled together to transform its image before its congregation in light of the pedophile priests and the demands for legal recourse against these people. We have seen the messes some politicians (Bush is one of several and, sadly, probably the biggest nightmare we’ve all seen through these years) have made at home and on foreign shores, and this too relates to the 9th house especially as Pluto moves to the natural 10th house, Capricorn, ruled by Saturn. Does money enter into it? I would say so since Pluto’s natural home is the 8th house, not only your own money but that of other people as well, and when it comes to governments, I would imagine you’re speaking about national and foreign debt and other goodies that would affect people on a large scale.

    But when we are looking at the combination of Pluto and Jupiter as they transit briefly together, we are looking at the moment when perhaps the realization that transformation often requires a bit more order and clear perspective, especially from that legal side. Saturn is at the early stages of its transit through Virgo, and that should be speaking to our ensuring that we’re crossing those T’s and dotting those I’s because communications–the ways in which we communicate, the effects of communication, and the mediums of communication–will be addressed as well, and I would imagine that’s going to be one of the first places where you’ll see things heating up with these dynamics.

    Not only will corporate and other organized kinds of themes be considered, I would imagine we’ll also be seeing more serious efforts to correct the wrongs in how emergency services are handled even from meteorological perspectives. I think it should be an exciting time.

    As for me, I’m not really expecting any great or sudden changes on my end, but I could be wrong. 🙂 This conjunction is squaring my Sun, just as Pluto has been doing for several years now.

    Michelle Astrology dp Michelle YoungDec 7, 2007
    Ana Ana Matilde Pereira
    Well, the conjuction of Jupiter and Pluto is in transit in my 2nd house just opposite to Jupiter in my birth chart (28o Gemini – house 8).

    Can anybody give me a clue of what to expect?

    Jupiter in opposition to natal Jupiter generally means things will remain status quo, but again, that depends on the entire chart because that transit can be affected by any hard natal aspects to natal Jupiter. Think back to 12 years ago when Jupiter was last opposing natal Jupiter.

    As for the conjunction in your 2nd house, it’s not only a time when you’re addressing your finances and earnings, but a way when you might be looking at yourself and seeing ways in which you can and should change for the better especially related to your values. Nobody will say anything if you don’t do it, but this is probably one of the best times to take charge and decide on the transformation you’d like in yourself. 🙂

    Ana Ana Matilde PereiraDec 7, 2007
    Thanks Michele,
    You have perfectly surely put down in words something that I have been feeling during all this year. Thanks a lot!

    Nando Nando GuimaresDec 26, 2007
    I meant to say the first time since Pluto’s discovery and placement in the cultural counsciousness (since 1930). According to Shelley Ackerman, yes in November 1023 CE, they met at the same degree (28) like this year, and yes, China issued the paper money (printed), maybe now again China’s economy will be in the new again.
    I agree with you that it will be exciting times!
    However, Jupiter and Pluto were together in Sagittarius in November 1758, not sure in which degree, though.

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