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    Michelle Young

    AnonyMous AnonyMousDec 30, 2007
    July 17, 2007: A Chart Analysis for Pakistan
    Those of you who have been in tuned to recent events/developments in Pakistan, must be wondering: What’s next? This is a question that all Pakistanis are forced to ask themselves or anybody who’d listen.What happened on Dec 27, 2007 was a culmination of what’s been happening for quite some time now. Though here in Pakistan we’re still shocked by the notion of suicide bombing but when we first had a taste of things as these to come, I had a conversation with Michelle. I’m going to post that conversation here as well as another one that Michelle had with Aaminah, so it’s essentially the excerpt of the latter conversation. Michelle is an astrologer & a friend I turn to whenever something bothers me & I know I won’t have the answerers from anywhere else. If I praise her here it’d feel as if I were gloating, those who know this lady with the kindest heart of all, also know that she feels for the deprived & she has done a lot to spread knowledge against violence & brutality. The chart analysis for our beloved country is something that i know I should have thanked her but I just can never seem to thank her enough. All I can do is trust when she says “It’s bad”

    I can’t emphasize on the power of astrology & the knowledge it bestows us with. After having seen time be the proof of what I read in that analysis, I’d encourage all Pakistanis reading this to be prepared for anything in the future, it’s just to say that forewarned is forearmed.

    I’ll begin with the e-mails that Michelle & I exchanged right after this happened & everybody was uncertain as to what’s going on & also there was a <u>lot</u> temper & grief out on the streets.

    Michelle Young

    AnonyMous AnonyMous Dec 30, 2007

    AnonyMous – Dec 30, 2007
    from Michelle Young
    dateDec 28, 2007 7:02 AM
    subjectAre you okay?

    Thinking of you…especially on the heels of all the latest events. I can’t get out of my head the discussion you and I had back in August when I begged you to leave there. Please let me know you’re okay.


    from AnonyMous
    dateDec 28, 2007 11:16 PM
    subject Re: Are you okay?

    I’m alright.Everybody I know is fine too by the grace of Allah.I was
    caught up in riots last night & was strangled on the roads for about
    two hours but then made out fine, in one piece.will let you know the
    details if we get to talk.

    The INTERNET here is awful so is the everyday life.We are strangled
    inside our houses & there’s fear that we might run out of food and all
    because there are people outside waiting to exploit the situation.I
    can’t seem to stop because it’s horrible,Michelle.Like a
    nightmare.Especially her death.We never dreamed that she would go this
    way, we can’t seem to come to terms with it & as of now the riots
    outside are pure anguish & sense of loss but in yet another day it’ll
    all be just chaos because, we all fear, that people will start taking
    a fuller advantage of the situation.My imagination keeps running
    toward the worse because it’s that worse that they wanted to achieve.

    Thank you for asking. However, I’m worried sick about the future & I
    too, keep going back to that conversation. When the news came in, my
    first thoughts were not to flee here but to somehow hold on to what we
    have because this is home. I’m pretty emotional right now.Please keep
    us in your prayers.

    I hope you are doing well.will talk to you soon as I can


    Michelle Young

    AnonyMous AnonyMousDec 31, 2007
    The conversation took place because of the situation in Lal Masjid (G-6, Islamabad).
    All of us were harried & confused.I spoke with Michelle, she did the analysis & later she described it to Aaminah when she spoke with her on the same date. here you go:

    Aaminah: My dear, it was in a residential sector BUT it happened in a rally where crowds were gathered for the the Chief Justice’s speech. And at such places common residents of Islamabad are not found so it’s completely ok.

    Michelle: Syed wrote to me today. He’s devastated by all this, and I was reading some posts two other friends were making, and they’re concerned that this will become a civil war. Aaminah, things don’t look good. I did Pakistan’s chart.

    Aaminah: That’s so sad.

    Michelle: I wish I could convince you and your mother to take your brothers out of there!

    Aaminah: Yeah

    Have you put it up in the community when you did Pakistan’s chart?

    Michelle: AnonyMous asked me what I saw. Aaminah, it’s pretty heavy. I was giving her dates, and it was amazing. Obviously i don’t know news from Pakistan that easily. And i was distracted because of the plane crash in Brazil today. 184 dead in São Paulo.

    Aaminah: I only worry about the fact that if Musharraf goes, Pakistan has a very dark future.

    Michelle: This crash wouldn’t have happened but an Appeals court overruled the Supreme Court there because the “chance for accidents is too low in contrast to the amount of business large planes bring to that airport!” I was horrified!

    Anyway, I didn’t know dates, as I said. I’ll show you this:

    AnonyMous: About the bombing, I had this weird dream last night & this happened tonight, it’s so terrifying, Michelle.

    They have warned that either the Marriott or the Serena are their next targets & I’m practically next door to Marriott (my office).

    Michelle: I was doing a little research while she and I were talking so I could confirm the time I needed for the country.

    Michelle Young

    AnonyMous AnonyMousDec 31, 2007
    AnonyMous: Now there’s a long history of independence resolutions & such & all of them together led to the August 14, 1947.

    Michelle: Independence of Pakistan was officially announced on Thursday, August 14, 1947 at 12:00 am but the ceremony itself took place half an hour early on the actual day.

    AnonyMous: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqDWkHy_9FQ
    [Sep 6, 2015: The YouTube video above is the missing video I had seen that night in 2007, when Pakistan celebrated independence at 11:30 pm on the 13th of August 1947. This has been my original validation for the time I use, a point I can now only additionally confirm by the Salman Rushdie quote in Nicholas Campion’s The Book of World Horoscopes]

    What about the place. The government was housed in Karachi, Will you consider it as the place of birth?

    Michelle: Yes. I didn’t know Pakistan was named as an acronym! Is that common knowledge?

    AnonyMous: Acronym?

    Michelle: Yes. Here:

    Origin of the name: “Pakistan” was coined by Muslim students at Cambridge University in Britain in 1933 as an acronym for the regions and nationalities that would make up the country: Punjab, Afghania, Kashmir, Iran, Sindh, Turkharistan, Afghanistan and Balochistan.

    AnonyMous: Are you going to tell me something about Pakistan chart?

    Michelle: As soon as I confirm a time. That’s what I’m looking for.

    Michelle: AnonyMous, this has been building since January 2006.

    AnonyMous: Where is it headed? Is it going to escalate to new heights or what?

    Michelle: Yes.

    Michelle: AnonyMous, I don’t know dates here. It’s been coming since January 2006. Various heightened tensions, etc. since then. The end of March, did something happen? Is that when this thing with the judge took place?

    AnonyMous: This March? Yes, it was March 07.
    Michelle: What happened on 8 January 2006? Probably something unexpected and completely transformative. This was the moment when things turned. Anything you can recall?

    I feel like this might have been something secret rather than anything anyone of the public actually knew about.

    AnonyMous: I really can’t recall.

    Michelle: It’s okay. Saturn had just finished making a conjunction to Mercury, shortly before this, and Saturn was on the retrograde. I’m just setting a brief stage here because that March 2007 thing is the transformation side of this.

    Michelle Young

    AnonyMous AnonyMousDec 31, 2007
    AnonyMous: Yes it is. Wherever that judge has set a foot, he has caused major trouble.

    Michelle: The next unexpected thing would have taken place around 28 June 2006. This would have taken place actually IN Pakistan. What took place in January 2006 probably was related to international affairs but maybe not.

    It was probably NOT public knowledge.

    The thing in June could have been public knowledge.

    And people were pleased.

    Now Aaminah, this is weird. I kept getting confused because there was apparently something important last year in June and July too.

    9 December 2006 was the next one and this was another turning point.

    AnonyMous: Well, many things are happening here. It might have been the deal that government struck with tribal leaders.

    Michelle: It was an emotional thing, and it was related to the emotional tenor of the country as of that month. I’m going to do a lunar return for November 2006–sorry, not December–November.

    AnonyMous: 9th of November is the poet’s anniversary (Iqbal).

    Aaminah: She is right. So many things are haooening here that we can’t keep track of them, you know, unless it’s our job as a reporter.

    Michelle: Whatever this judge did in March infuriated people (or was it Musharaf who did?). People were angry and explosive.

    AnonyMous, did something else happen on 7 June 2007?

    Aaminah: It caused major upheavel in the country. People lashed out what Musharraf did.

    AnonyMous: Yes people were angry at the president but not the judge (it was confusing before but the political parties turned the whole judge matter completely incomprehensible to a common mind) what people understand is that the president wants to stay in power & over threw the judge for that.

    Aaminah: *at what

    Michelle: And maybe the 23/24 of June?

    AnonyMous: The budget.

    Michelle: Which? The earlier June date or the latter one? The latter one seems explosive.

    AnonyMous: The earlier.

    Michelle: Ok. Would the latter one have been when there was an assassination attempt on Musharraf?

    Michelle Young

    AnonyMous AnonyMousDec 31, 2007
    AnonyMous: It was a surprise. There was a long debate but still the opposition couldn’t find anything wrong (solid wrong!) in the budget. People were pleasently surprised.


    Michelle: It was in early July.

    Well, perhaps the plans started forming in the latter June date. I don’t know. But Uranus, remember, turned on 23 June.

    AnonyMous: You said June 24?

    Got it

    Karachi was hit by a deadly storm.

    Michelle: 23-24. 23rd was Uranus retrograde. I warned about something on the 25th.

    AnonyMous: Many people were killed. It was a huge story.

    or 26th.

    Michelle: But check in those threads. You’ll see.

    AnonyMous: The city was flooded & the most of the killings were done by the huge advertising hoardings. All over the city. That was a shock.


    AnonyMous: YEs yes.

    Michelle: Totally unexpected.

    AnonyMous: Out of the blue. The meteorological office didn’t see the storm coming soon enough to send out warnings.

    Michelle: That was Uranus.

    AnonyMous: & the coalition forces raided rural areas of Pakistan!!

    Aaminah: That’s what im saying literally everthing is happening here, violence storms quakes God knows what.

    AnonyMous: They shot & killed people inside Pakistan borders.

    Michelle: On the 25th of June, AnonyMous. That was the EXACT Neptune-Saturn opposition in square to Venus. It was a Scorpio Moon to boot so that ended up coming in to make a Grand Cross, and all of this started with that Uranus retrograde on the 23rd, but the Moon was the trigger.

    Aaminah: Plus things are pretty bad in North Waziristan Miran Shah places with the Taliban.

    Michelle: I DEFINITELY talked about this in the community.

    I had even said it could be on the 26th or 27th but I thought it would be the 26th.

    Michelle Young

    AnonyMous AnonyMousDec 31, 2007
    AnonyMous: Yes & the chinese massage therapists were abducted after midnight on June 23 (June 24 morning) by Jamia Hafsa students.

    How could i have forgotten all these things. Time’s just flown by.

    On June 26, the Balochistan & NWFP provinces were hit by a cyclone. Where are these headed–the recent events I mean?

    Aaminah: Not only that, they abducted a woman saying she was running a brothel early this year too. Jamia Hafsa has been the major issue these past four months.

    Michelle: What was so important about that particular date, AnonyMous, is that Pakistan has an enormous 5-planet stellium in Leo. The Saturn-Neptune opposition fell within 2° of the conjunction/opposition to the national Sun.

    Sorry. Venus was not square. But in relation to the national chart, there was a Venus return just a few days before.

    AND the point Venus hit on that date–the 25th…was the exact midpoint of the country’s Sun-Venus part of the stellium.

    That’s why I said the 26th! The Moon squared the opposition and created the T-square, and all hell broke loose as soon as the Moon went into Scorpio.

    It created that whole nightmare…first with the health of the nation–and then with enemies of the state.

    AnonyMous: The flooding was hell for those who were affected (some of the poorest souls on the planet).

    They are still in knee deep water & homeless. In fact, the flood continues to surge forward from city to city.

    Michelle: Last Thursday was when this Jamia Hafsa thing and the government rush on the mosque took place?

    AnonyMous: Yes.

    Michelle: It shocked everyone. Did the siege last about 5 hours?

    AnonyMous: About 5 hours yes.

    They caught the extremists by surprise, but the fighting was most intense toward the end not the beginning.

    Aaminah: No no it was a lot more than 5 hours.

    It went on for a VERY long time. I guess more than 38 hours or so (the intense fighting I mean).

    Michelle Young

    AnonyMous AnonyMousDec 31, 2007
    Michelle: The reason I said 5 was because of this separation in the chart. Aaminah, I was calculating everything in my head. Could it have been 10? Phhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! ok

    Aaminah: The whole thing took a week or something.

    Michelle: I meant when the government stormed the school.

    Aaminah: Yes. Maybe the major killings took place in 5 hours or so, Michelle, who knows what was going on in barracks underground between the forces.

    Yes, when they finally stormed the school n forces went inside AFTER that it took nearly two days to clear it up.

    AnonyMous: Last I saw, 12 killed.

    Michelle: It’s 16 now, and the suicide bomber apparently was decapitated by the explosion.

    Omg…utterly tragic!!!!

    AnonyMous: They are saying that to calm the initial anger over the incident.

    I doubt it was a suicide bombing. The government isn’t innocent.

    & the elements that Musharraf controlled to stay in power are now geting out of his hands.

    It’s about the judge, his presence wreaked havoc in Karachi & he brought the enmity to Islamabad all the same.

    Can I tell you about my dream?

    Michelle: Please. I’m still looking at the ephemeris.

    AnonyMous: Well it’s almost irrelevant but I saw that the last sign of the judgement day has come to life.

    & the last sign is the one eyed monster (I wonder when will we hear about one appearing, sometime soon)

    It’s funny at the same time- but the feeling after the bombing & what I felt in the dream were same–the general fear of being out of the house.

    Michelle, do you think Pakistan will live a long life eventually? Or do you see it breaking apart gradually (like what happened in 1971)?

    Michelle: AnonyMous…I don’t believe you’re in a civil war yet but I think it’s coming. It seems like you’re just warming up. I don’t like how this is looking.
    What has been happening so far is based on Pluto’s opposition to the nation’s Uranus
    These are just the unexpected things…

    Michelle Young

    AnonyMous AnonyMousDec 31, 2007
    Aaminah: I feel that about him too. He is a total menace, but I believe he is corrupt and Musharraf is right to be against him but like Syed said, we are such a corrupt nation that everybody is corrupt. It’s not musharraf’s fault.

    Michelle: I listen to people telling me about Karachi, where I have friends too, and they plead with me not to visit Karachi when I go there.

    AnonyMous: Tell me more.

    Michelle: Honestly? I want my friends out of there as soon as possible through at least 2009.

    AnonyMous: Up till 2009 or before 2009?

    Michelle: Till at least 2009.

    AnonyMous: And after that? What’s the worst you see happening?

    Michelle: What I’ve said is not even the nation’s solar chart yet, Virdah.

    It’s just the transits

    AnonyMous: Because we’ve seen very very bad conditions & we’ve survived them. I mean will this country see a peaceful & safe future?

    Michelle: Pakistan has beauty and harmony in her heart. The effort to build national pride is strong, but I can’t tell you if she can survive just yet. I need to check the Lunar and Solar.

    Mg, on the 26th, the Moon conjuncted the nation’s Jupiter. THAT’s why everything just went nuts!

    The national stellium is squared by that Jupiter.

    So it took a double hit from that transiting T-square. Solar Return for 2007 shows Scorpio rising. (Natal chart shows Taurus rising)

    Mg!!!!!!!! The Solar Return chart shows Mercury-Sun-Moon-Saturn-Venus conjunct in the 10th [house] in Leo! But Venus is retrograde. Pluto and Jupiter are in 2nd house. I think it’s going to end up in martial law. Neptune opposes that whole stellium from 4th house.

    Aaminah: Great! This nation deserves a martial law.

    AnonyMous: So we have a year of fireworks coming up.

    Michelle: What I don’t like is Mars in opposition to Jupiter. Mars in 8 [8th house]! Secondary ruler of Scorpio.

    AnonyMous: Martial law? I have never understood the legalities behind it.

    Michelle: Uranus EXACTLY squares the midpoint of Jupiter and Pluto from the 5th house.

    Michelle Young

    AnonyMous AnonyMousDec 31, 2007
    AnonyMous: What does this all mean?

    Michelle: Anything happens. When the military tells you to bark, start barking.

    AnonyMous: lol It’s almost the same here.

    Michelle: But Musharraf had relinquished dictator kinds of thinking from what I see. I think it will fall into a dictatorship again for a while.

    AnonyMous: It better if he is to control all the factors adding up to create all the mayhem.

    Michelle: I mourn for the people who have been looking to go to school, AnonyMous. They need to get out NOW [yes].

    AnonyMous: What else can I write. I think the sentence says it all (though it looked quite rounded lol). Michelle, it’s quite selfish but I’m going to ask you anyway.

    Do you think we really should move out [I mean me & my family?]

    Michelle: I really think you should, yes. With what’s going on now, AnonyMous, I’m telling you this is just warming up.

    AnonyMous: Man!!!

    Michelle: Get out!

    AnonyMous: [sighs!!!!!!!!!!] You know I have spent a year convincing my mother to immigrate

    Michelle: Now’s the time, girl

    Aaminah: Mg, that’s so bad.

    AnonyMous: That “man!!!” was out of frustration.

    How about after 10 years, do you see things settling down for Pakistan?

    Michelle: Sweet one, much will go between now and 10 years from now. That was what I saw from the Solar Return, and I’m telling you it’s just warming up. It will be a civil war, AnonyMous, and it’s going to get much nastier.

    These are just surprises, shocks, wake up calls–but Pluto hasn’t opposed Mars yet. Mars is selfish desire. Pluto is for the good of all. There is no happy medium here for now.

    Or for the foreseeable future. Get out.

    And you know I am not a fate person.

    Aaminah: Yuck…Pakistan has a dark future…

    Michelle: At least till Pluto is safely beyond the opposition to Mars.

    AnonyMous: God help us!

    It’s definitely not a safe place for women living alone.

    I feel so depressed already.

    Michelle Young

    AnonyMous AnonyMousDec 31, 2007
    Aaminah: How do you see the terrorist factor in Pakistan, Michelle, the Taliban in North Waziristan along the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    They are breeded there to go into all countries of the world for suicide attacks.

    Michelle: I know, but I don’t believe this is related to Islamic issues at all. I think these are excuses and bullying tactics.

    Aaminah: This is just *part* of bad things happening here. The nation is divided into so many segments itself and every party is against the other.

    You know what, the Taliban factor is not as much a danger for Pakistan itself as much as it is for other nations. Although they abduct our soldiers fighting there, and brutally torture them, slit their throats with dull knives, even skin them alive, drill their eyes, and hang them on the posts for everyone to see naked!

    Michelle: How horrifying!

    Aaminah: Yes. They even tape it and send it out as warnings.

    I don’t know if we’ll be able to move out, Michelle. You know it’s not that simple. …I never wanted to leave Pakistan and live as a second grade citizen anywhere

    Michelle Young

    Michelle Astrology dp Michelle YoungDec 31, 2007
    Bilawal Bhutto Zardari
    Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has stepped into the shoes of his mother, Benazir Bhutto, at the helm of the Pakistan People’s Party. Her shoes may be big for the 19-yo, but he will share the role with his father as co-chairman perhaps until the time Bilawal turns 22, according to the leadership age mandated by the PPP constitution. By that time, he’ll probably have finished his studies at Oxford as well. I thought it might be interesting to have a bit of a peek into who Bilawal is astrologically.

    His 11th house Virgo Sun blends well with his 3rd house Capricorn Moon, and his Scorpio rising with Pluto conjunct the cusp cautions that despite Bilawal’s young age, he will be every bit the leader who can walk in his mother’s shoes and then some. Venus squares his Ascendant and Pluto from the 10th house conjunct the Midheaven, offering a look at a leader who loves his country and will do all he can to show that love. Look for a charismatic leader with this young man. While he may speak with something of a forked tongue, shown by his Moon’s square to 12th house Mercury, it doesn’t mean he would ever hurt his people or the nation. He will speak from intuition more than from any will to be understood. It’s more about his emotions that will be firm in their conviction to focus on what’s right.

    He’s a serious thinker with his commitments quite firmly imbedded in the strong sense of values with which he was raised. He has a good sense of humor, but he will always focus on his commitments as a primary concern. A dominance of planets in the Eastern hemisphere reveals someone who will be the independent leader; but the below the horizon dominance of planets indicates that he will be more inclined to keep his reactions to external events at the inward level. This is someone who is extremely introspective in his approach to the world.

    Michelle Young

    Michelle Astrology dp Michelle YoungDec 31, 2007
    The one thing that does concern me lies in what seems to be a tendency either to allergies or headaches. Perhaps both. But I don’t get the feeling that he would have chosen to be the leader of this party if he’d actually had a choice. It seems more about the ideals that must continue to be promoted so that his mother’s death wouldn’t have been in vain. That’s not something I ordinarily might see in a chart, but he has Chiron in the 8th house in Cancer in opposition to Neptune and creating a T-square in his 5th house with Mars. I get the feeling that he didn’t see this as a matter of choice but what was his duty, not only to heal others but first and foremost, to heal himself.

    But lest anyone misunderstands, do not think this is an individual with selfish goals. That’s most definitely not what he’s about. He may have been misunderstood through his early years, but he focuses on the good of all before he worries about himself. If ever there was someone who was older than his years, it’s Bilawal. He has a huge amount of commitment, as shown by his Sun in square to Saturn, but he also needs his freedom. The combination of Saturn conjunct Uranus in his second house reveals an individual who has wealth within reach, but that wealth may not be all that he’s about–or all that important to him. What’s more important is the words he’s already spoken about democracy being the best revenge. The upheaval that rests in his nation of birth lies within his value system, and it’s not something he’s going to be willing to relinquish all that easily. Even if he stays abroad, as his mother did, for some time, expect him to lead and lead well.

    Michelle Young

    Michelle Astrology dp Michelle YoungDec 31, 2007
    He won’t be inclined to take orders well, but again, the good of all is his ultimate goal. While he may not always get along with his father because there seems to be some disparity that shows here in the chart, I don’t think we’re going to be likely to see that showing much in the public eye. His father, for now, will be a co-chairman; but if this chart is any indication of what Bilawal’s future for Pakistan will be when it comes to his heart, I think you’ll see him being every bit the leader he was raised to be.

    If I were to have one huge concern about Bilawal, it’s that he will live a long life. I trust he’s currently well-protected, and he needs to be. I can’t answer about his father because I don’t have his father’s chart, but I am worried about Bilawal’s safety. We often see a repeat of the first house rising when an important Solar Return year shows up, but his Solar Return for 2007 (21 September 2007 to September 2008) is just as important, if not more so, with his sixth house rising (ruled by Mars, the secondary ruler of Scorpio) at the conjunction within 2° to Mars as it had shown in his mother’s Solar Return for 2007. Mars, in his mother’s Solar Return was conjunct the 4th house cusp known as the IC, one of the houses of endings.

    In addition, the Solar Return Moon is within 2° of his natal Moon, Mercury is within 1° of his natal Mercury, Venus is within 5° (still an important orb of range) of his natal Venus–and Pluto conjuncted his natal Saturn in this Solar Return at the same degree and minute! What’s significant in this last aspect lies in the fact that the Solar Return Mars opposed Pluto (and natal Saturn) within 14 minutes at the time of his Solar Return, warning that this young man is in extreme danger. The transiting T-square from the Solar Return was clearly created by the tragic death of his mother, shown by his natal Ceres forming a Grand Cross with that T-square from the 12th house.

    Michelle Young

    Michelle Astrology dp Michelle YoungDec 31, 2007
    This young man has ideals borne by the love of his homeland, and he has the drive and initiative to carry those ideals out. Now he has to survive to make it happen. Hopefully, those surrounding him both at Oxford and in his journeys in and out of Pakistan will have the capacity to protect him as he will need to be. I have no doubt that I’ve just read the chart of a great upcoming leader if he can withstand those dangers.

    21 September 1988
    9:30 AM
    Karachi, Pakistan
    AA Rodden Rating, Seattle Times

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