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    Michelle Young

    Michelle - Orkut shot Michelle YoungAug 31, 2008
    A little Jupiter-Saturn action going on

    On 3 September, the Sun will conjunct transiting Saturn. I might not make mention of that on its own. After all, the Sun conjuncts Saturn at least once a year, just as it conjuncts every other planet once a year in the transits. It’s a fact of life. lol But the transit itself is special this time because the Sun and Saturn are in Mercury-ruled Virgo, and then we’re looking at Jupiter in Saturn-ruled Capricorn. 

    Because Saturn is currently transiting Virgo, you may notice your thoughts being more serious than usual right now. That’s not to say your thoughts have to be depressive or anything. Serious thinking is often a good thing. While the Sun and Saturn are conjunct, the Sun and Saturn will also be trining Jupiter this week between the 3rd and 4th of September. That’s a good thing. Consider how you can make this kind of energy work favorably for you through your personal and professional responsibilities, and start thinking of how you can put your plans into action. Days like these are good for creating/developing those plans.

    Michelle - Orkut shot Michelle YoungMar 22, 2009
    Gee, I’m glad I wrote the title for this thread as I did! lol Jupiter is no longer trining Saturn, but I’m sure most of you have already realized this–even if you didn’t know what was going on in the astrological scope–since the recession set in. From the 120° trine between Jupiter in Saturn-ruled Capricorn and Saturn in Mercury-ruled Virgo in September, Jupiter has since transited into the sign of Aquarius. Today, Jupiter will have attained a 150° orb with Saturn, and we’re looking at rethinking how we’re handling things in our lives. 

    Some situation will need to be given serious thought and consideration of adjusting. Are things going as you’d like? Are things going on the right path, or do you need to make changes and are uncertain of which way to turn? If ever you needed to consider your own actions and not worry about whether the other person is adjusting to your needs, now is the time!

    The quincunx–the term for that 150° aspect–is often described as a need to adjust. Some people have often heard me describe Mars in Capricorn as the expert race car driver. Well, I suppose an expert race car driver recognizes that there are times s/he needs to make adjustments for slick surfaces, unexpected turns, danger ahead, and s/he seems to be able to do such things with so much finesse and panache, it’s as if s/he is psychic. Well the Jupiter quincunx to Saturn is something along those lines. The difference, however, is that you may not realize it, or perhaps you were preparing to dig in your heels to force the other guy to adjust to your needs. Don’t.

    It’s your turn to do the adjusting. Are you cringing at the thought of accepting a job you’d otherwise think beneath you? Bite the tongue and deal with it. This is about the bird in the hand being more than the two in the bush. Arguing with someone lately? How much are you willing to push versus remembering that we all have our limits? Has the other person reached his/hers?

    As my mom raised me to remember, think before you speak–or act. Adjust!

    Michelle Young

    Jenny Ross – Mar 22, 2009

    Well that’s just eerie. I was just thinking tonight that I need to look at the things that I am doing and where it is that I want to go. Ponderous…much to think on, but after I sleep and wake up again. 🙂

    Kanchana D Kanchan DMar 22, 2009
    Arguing with someone lately?

    OOhhhhhh,, i logged on with the thought of venting out my frustrations in one of threads here, until i read this.

    For me, its not just someone but some people! They all seem to have a certain notion about me. I think its absolutely wrong. But if all of them are saying the same thing, the problem must lie with ME!! 

    Irene - Orkut shot Irene D’SilvaMar 23, 2009
    I sooo agree with you. I am frustrated with not just one, but many people. I am thankful that God gave me my girls to talk about it and vent out… I hope this will pass soon because I hate being stuck in that face and being frustrated and all that. I will go nuts!

    Veena Sequeira – Mar 24, 2009
    Adjust? Losing battle! 

    Michelle - Orkut shot Michelle YoungMar 24, 2009
    “Think” before you speak!!! 

    When I was growing up, my mom’s words–“Think before you speak” and “Actions speak louder than words”–echoed in my ears. And when I had children and she had stopped saying these things to me, I still heard her voice after she was gone while I have uttered the same words. 

    Amit Nama – Mar 24, 2009
    Hi Michelle…
    I agree with you that we should think but I think I am suffering with the problem of thinking a lot, more than required. Thoughts keep revoving into my head, making hard sometimes to make decisions and results (though a little cases) in outbursts in anger. What to do?

    Kanchana D Kanchan DMar 24, 2009
    Janhvi O Janhvi

    I so relate to your frustrations
    Hope things will look brighter soon for you…..

    and ME

    Michelle Young

    Sara La Menace – Mar 25, 2009
    bleedin’ ‘ell Michelle, spot on on all my late problems!!!!

    Bloody Jupiter and Saturn, bring me back Mercury 

    Murali Sankar – Mar 25, 2009
    Hmm. So that’s it. I was wondering why this is happening. I got a call last week from the office of the software firm where I did my Major Project. They asked me if I’d like to join their Training centre to give training in DotNet and provide project guidance. Well, that is almost what I am doing right now. 
    The offered job is better, but the working environment and atmosphere is very different. Now I am working under a boss who is very open-minded. He doesn’t act the ‘boss’ always. 
    The other boss is exactly the opposite. He never gets out of his air-conditioned cabin. I can contact him only through the receptionist who is also his PA.

    I asked one month time to decide which they gave me, so I have three more weeks to decide.

    Michelle Young

    Irene D’Silva – Mar 26, 2009
    I thought Mercury retrograde was the worst thing that could ever happen to me. Geeez now I know that I am wrong. I am working longer hours, have tons of things to get done after work, and then when I finally get home busy fighting with a very good friend of mine. I don’t even know how these fights pop up. I just don’t. Way too many things taken in the wrong way (both sides I must admit) and I am tired. I wish I could climb on top of the mountain and screammmmmmmmm to get rid of my frustration

    Michelle Young

    Raghunandan …….. – Mar 27, 2009
    Same here….SCREEAMMMMMMMMMMing (silently), this part of my life has become unbearable though i have seen the same things happening all of my life.. people just come and break my BROKEN heart

    Kanchan D – Mar 27, 2009

    Seveara3 Sad faces

    Murali Sankar – Mar 27, 2009
    same as above. hmph……..

    Irene D’Silva – Mar 27, 2009
    Well said Kanchan… same hereeeeeeeeeeee. Someone help us!!!!!!!!

    Michelle Young

    Michelle Young – Mar 28, 2009
    Janhvi and all
    When does all this end?? Does it help if the Jupiter-Saturn action stops??

    Everything seems to be going haywire! But things are slightly better now than they were before, thankfully! 

    Forgive me while I chuckle a bit. When I was reading your post, Janhvi, I was reminded of when I had experienced Jupiter in square to my natal Saturn (or some variation of that) and how I too had felt this inordinate urge to scream and pound my fists and stamp my feet. The words given to me at that time gave me just the right amount of rope I needed to tie the knot and hang on just as long as I needed to. 

    When we go through that Jupiter-Saturn square either by transit (this is called a mundane transit because it’s just kind of “out there” to potentially hit everyone) or by transit against our own natal charts, the thoughts of screaming or of beating up a pillow waft sweetly to the surface in our frustrated efforts to get past the experience. It shows that we are not always in control of our lives, that others often have something to say about it.  

    But you’ll be happy to know that by the time you reach this point……………you’re nearly through it. The reason you’re feeling it as you have is most likely because there’s something being triggered in your own chart. I know. It bites. But it will be over soon. I know it surely must sound like a feeble pat on the back, the exasperated kind Mom gives you when she’s trying to stop your whining when you’re a child, and I honestly don’t mean it that way. The aspect is waning since Saturn is retrograde and Jupiter isn’t, so give it a few more weeks at the most, and you’ll probably suddenly realize you’re not feeling like that anymore. 

    (Pssst! Irene! Get some Coldstone! You’ll probably feel better!)

    Amit Nama – Mar 28, 2009
    Hi Michelle…
    I hope it gets over before it is too late…

    Kanchan D – Mar 28, 2009
    Weeks??? Agonizing few weeks!! Its gonna be a longgg few weeks. I dont mind giving up ice cream for the next few weeks just to get this period over and done with!

    Michelle Young

    Michelle Young – Mar 29, 2009
    lol Sorry about the comment above with the mention of Jupiter and Saturn in square. This particular aspect is known as a quincunx, not a square, so you need to adjust and keep adjusting and adapting right now. The square, the opposition or the quincunx, however, requires you to be extremely patient. My apologies for not clarifying this earlier.

    Michelle Young

    Tanmoy… On the Rocks – Mar 31, 2009
    Hello…i am new to this community…..maybe around a month old now…and I must admit that its the cleanest community I have seen…..


    I was just curious that is this saturn and jupiter action is it over….
    I dont know much about astrology but I can see that things are not moving smoothly anymore… the company in which i was placed is tottering even though it features in the list of fortune 500 companies……

    God only knows what is going wrong….but i am not doing well in my career nor on the personal front…..

    Any suggestions Michelle…I would look forward to it….

    Michelle Young – Mar 31, 2009
    A US national soup company just launched a marketing plan that will be that kind of winner for example: They’re offering free seeds for your garden if you post the UPC code to them. It’s not much. It saves you a little; it saves the company in a creative means of advertising that merges a good will initiative people will remember for a long time. They’ve also managed to create a bit of positive public relations by working with the schools too. From the community’s perspective, they will come out smelling like roses for their efforts because they will be spotted as the company making the effort to stay connected–and they probably will find it easier to stay afloat as a result. From where I sit, it’s an absolute stroke of genius! The good will approach through the adjustment of Jupiter combined with the hard work and responsible approach (Saturn) and a mindful eye to consider the good of all through that responsible effort of Pluto now that it’s moved into Capricorn. The focus like this is the kind that will enable a company to stay afloat when the going gets rough.

    That said, if you have such ideas that can be winning, real brainstormers, now is the time to take it to those who can help you to bring it to reality. And just maybe you’ll be able to turn this downturn into a winning combination. Please remember, however, you’ll need to be sure to balance your actions and reactions wisely so you don’t end up coming across as mercenary. Times like these will require you to think first and creatively. 
    I hope that helps. (I’ll be interested in hearing.)

    Tanmoy… On the Rocks – Mar 31, 2009
    Its wonderful to see that U care so much….

    I read through the Pluto and Saggitarius thread….Michelle I am afraid that even though I have creativity but I am having trouble channelizing it in the right direction….

    But I do assure that whatever happens I am going to hold on and hang in there….bcoz i have a belief that the more we progress into the Night….the closer we get towards Dawn…

    Michelle Young

    Michelle Young – Apr 1, 2009
    I read through the Pluto and Saggitarius thread….Michelle I am afraid that even though I have creativity but I am having trouble channelizing it in the right direction….

    One of the most important things to remember about Jupiter and Saturn is that each represents a different form of action. Jupiter symbolizes expansion. Saturn symbolizes retraction, restriction. So it’s a matter of juggling, balancing, always being a bit more conservative so you don’t overshoot your goals. That’s part of what was so beautiful about this company I mentioned before. They are being conservative in their effort to help and will come out ahead because of all I mentioned in the Pluto thread about “for the good of all” in addition to this conservative action–wisdom tempered with creative thought. 

    Don’t be afraid, Deep. Think of ways in which you can work to benefit everyone in your midst. 

    Kanchan D – Apr 1, 2009
    Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto… What next? Grrrrrr!!!!

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