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    Michelle Young

    Michelle - Orkut shot Michelle YoungJan 26, 2009
    26 January 2009 – Solar Eclipse
    According to NASA, the first eclipse of 2009 began today at 07:58:39 UT, so I’ve been focusing on how the eclipse charts look as a general idea of what we might be dealing with over the coming months till the next solar eclipse on 22 July. (There is, mind you, a lunar eclipse on 9 February, but I try to look at those separately when I need to. My concentration right now is on the solar eclipse.)

    There is hopefulness in perhaps a cautious but unique way this time. Where we often see much tension with solar and lunar eclipses, it’s just not the same, and that gives me hope–although perhaps it’s because this New Moon solar eclipse is sporting a Sun/Moon conjunction, of course, to Jupiter in Aquarius. Expanded emotions? Expanded compassion and understanding? Certainly one would hope so! But there are some considerations we need to see to ensure such promise: Mars conjunct retrograde Mercury in Saturn-ruled Capricorn indicates that there remains a need even for words of warning to be tempered with wisdom. If the words become harsh, the results will be painful at best. That’s simple logic.

    Healing between nations can come with a spiritual approach, certainly, but it will also be important to recognize that everyone needs space, whether we’re speaking about other nations or other people. But please don’t think this is enough promise to encourage that everything will be peaches and cream because it won’t be. That remains up to all of us to accomplish, and not that we can count on things falling into place on their own. That, I should imagine, we would have seen by recent events that led to the economic woes we’re all experiencing right now.

    Speaking of those woes, that is another thing needing a close eye. With Jupiter conjunct the Sun and Moon, it might be easy for each of us as individuals or nations to think we’re out of the woods because we haven’t heard any further depressing words about the economy. The words don’t really need to be said though, do they? I mean it’s fairly easy to see especially with recent news items like Microsoft’s layoffs of 5000 employees. Be wise with your money, and don’t be so generous that you cut your nose off to spite your face now. You can still have things going your way, you can still do things your way and enjoy some perks you enjoy–just with moderation. 

    Moderate conversation to avoid threats or harsh words where you didn’t intend. Consider the other person and avoid being selfish–but at the same time, avoid expecting others to do it all your way. We all need space right now in some way, and there’s nothing wrong with that. We all have wounds to heal, and some of those wounds will be best healed through kindness from others while others we’ll need to do on our own. Patience will do much to avoid hurting either ourselves or others.

    A quick look at a few nations for the next several months from this perspective now brings some intriguing views. In the United Kingdom, I have pause to wonder whether steps will be taken to bring a close to some things as the nation knows it. The fourth house is rising in the Solar Eclipse chart, and there seems to be a heavy emphasis on the monarchy. Whether that means an actual change in the monarchy itself, I just can’t be sure. That’s not the kind of emphasis I’m seeing, but there is a focus on responsibility and on the Moon which would point to the Queen herself.

    The eclipse chart shows Venus and Uranus conjunct in sextile to that Mars-Mercury retrograde conjunction and in semisextile to Neptune which is opposing the UK’s Saturn. Adjustments will need to be made. If the issue of whatever these adjustments are, are merely skirted, the issue will continue to arise. It must be addressed, and I have no doubt this is what will ultimately be important to note during this period.

    I’m actually heartened by what I see for the US with this solar eclipse. The second house is rising, and Pluto from the solar eclipse falls in the first house, but conjunct the second house, and the national chart’s Pluto falls squarely in the second, reminding us that the economy will be the key focus in the States. Belts tightened, responsibility demanded, the need to recognize that it’s time for the peeling of life’s onion here will be ever so important as the US begins to resume its standing as a world leader in a positive way. Now please understand, I’m not saying that because I’m in the States, but rather because this is actually what I’m seeing. 

    That doesn’t mean we’re entering Fairytale Land, but it does mean that the new administration appears, by the indications I’m seeing in the solar eclipse chart, to be a new kind of Camelot in which hopes are renewed. The economy will need to go through this transformation, mind you, but in the midst of these economic tears and woes, you’ll see that romantic image of the USA rising again. Do not think this will come without pain! That couldn’t be further from the truth–unless people are willing to accept that this is happening. Pain accepted is easier to bear than pain one is fighting to say isn’t there. But while the growth may be slow, the changes we’ll see over these coming months will apparently be enough to give rise to these hopes, and the promise of new beginnings.

    The eclipse falls in India’s 12th house and cautions that economic healing will need to be coming from the leaders who caused this mess to get worse right there at home. Mind you, transformation will be there, but it will be thanks to the courts demanding answers and levying equitable punishments as needed. It won’t help 100% but it might be a start. I suspect, from what I see here, the economic pain will continue since the nation’s Mars falls in the 2nd house of the eclipse chart and transiting Pluto is opposing that. Recovery will definitely be painful here.

    Like the rest of us, Pakistan is also dealing with the economic woes of late, although there’s much to be said about the value systems within any country, including Pakistan’s. Pakistan will continue to struggle with these challenges especially in light of dealing with leaders who may not offer all that the people had hoped for. I think there’s going to be a lot of disillusionment as a result, and in many ways, it may be greater than India’s, but definitely as much as India’s own realizations as the realities of the world economy continue to sink in. The good news is that people in Pakistan are already, for the most part, dealing with this as they have been for quite a while. So the changes with financial markets aren’t likely to be as painful in the same ways that other nations will notice them to be. That doesn’t, on the other hand, bail Pakistan out by any means. In fact, you might notice that people tend to be more emotional during these coming months. 

    That the computing market appears to be bottoming out really shouldn’t be a huge surprise to anyone. After all, you know the old adage in variations, “What goes up must come down.”

    It will also be important for everyone to realize that there is no point to animosity and harsh words. It won’t make the challenge of today’s economic crisis go away. But the eclipse is a strong and painful reminder that we’re going to need to work through this through kindness, sharing, cooperative efforts regardless of borders or whomever is in power.

    How can you help is the ultimate question. Got any thoughts along those lines?

    Michelle Young

    Murali Murali SankarJan 27, 2009
    Thoughts of a fresh graduate in the IT field
    The time is tough for freshers. Even experienced professionals in many major companies know they are sitting under the legendary ‘sword of damocles’. 

    After the Y2K we know that these recessions are not permanent. What have gone down will come up again, like the sine wave. In the meantime, it is best to spend your time in knowledge acquisition. Learn everything that you can, now, so that when the field gets back to normal, we all will have a good chance to get along.

    One sure assurance about this field of comuting is that, after all these years of internet and computers, there will be no going back to the days of manual labour. As long as computers have demand, IT field will stand.

    Struggling in the first steps to start a career will provide emotional temperament. Taking steps one by one, climbing up slowly the steps of success, falls in the future will not be fatal.

    The song that motivates me now is ‘Hum honge kamyaab ek din’. Translation: “We shall overcome, one day’. 🙂

    Michelle Young

    M L – Jan 30, 2009


    I recently came across some articles about the extinct Maya and Lemuria Civilization, the Mayan Calendar. This was following a stream of thought that the time has come for humanity to take a “quantum leap into evolution”, lest we all become extinct as a species, destroying our own existence because of the disastrous decisions we take (anger, violence, hatred, pollution, eco-balance, etc)….. Couldn’t really understand all the articles in full, but it was like pieces of a massive zigsaw puzzle falling into place….. it all does make sense in a crazy way…..

    One of the articles talked about the Universe (or was it our galaxy ?) moving from the Pisces into the Aquarius…… wondering what that would mean…..

    Michelle Young

    kannadassan Sundari. Aadhavan – Jan 30, 2009
    Michelle, the moon has covered, on jan 26th, about only 93%. I think, earth felt less darkness, I seen that bird in the trees has stopped their sound and sat down. My astrologer told me, “Eclipse’s darkness is bad for busines and it may be the best time to buy if u have money, but not the dark habits”..

    Michelle Young

    August 30, 2015
    Murali, the last words in your post made me curious when I saw “We Shall Overcome” because I wondered if it was the same. I searched. It’s simply beautiful!!!

    And to this, I’m sharing the following with you:

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