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Michelle Young

Rest assured, Expecto,, this astrologer will continue to use Pluto in analyses. Why? Well, just because the International Astronomical Union (IAU) says Pluto’s not a planet doesn’t make it so when we’re talking about astrological analysis.

It’s kind of amusing, I think, to have this divorce between the IAU and astrologers over Pluto as a planet (now that I’m over that initial sting from 2006): It reminds me of the words “What God [or whatever Higher Power in which one believes] joins together, let no man put asunder” because that also implies “can be rejoined.” It also implies that the IAU’s opinions about Pluto will actually count with astrologers–as if we would see the IAU as a Higher Power. Historically, astrologers and astronomers once shared the spotlight of higher thought under a broader umbrella.

And then consider this: In the movie “The Hundred-Foot Journey,” we saw a focus on French cuisine being treated as the standard of all standards, the crème de la crème, as if to imply that no one could consider any other cuisine at the top of the maze of the world’s cuisines. That is, no one could consider–until a young man with layer after layer of gauze-wrapped hands taught Helen Mirin about the exquisite new flavors he could create–and use to entice her tastebuds–from Indian cuisine. This was an eye-opener for her, and it launched his personal road to success, the same personal road many just starting out seek. That doesn’t mean French cuisine is the god of the gourmet kitchen or the gourmand’s palate. IMO I see this as a standard to which French chefs may strive; but that doesn’t mean all chefs need to try to emulate in the same way.

So while the IAU may be perceived as the god of all astronomers, it doesn’t mean all astrologers must bow down to the same rules. On the other hand, we can continue to try to achieve our own measures that may sometimes jar the scientific community and sometimes agree with them. We can recognize that we may be those gourmet chefs of another school.

Mind you, I’m not saying to ignore science. I think we can work perhaps to achieve parallel standards while striving to achieve at least some of the same levels of understanding we see in the field of science–astronomy included–and we can use these as measures through which we can achieve an astrological standard of excellence that might appease astrologers (and maybe even astronomers, or at least the field of science? Okay, so I might be dreaming there! :whistle: ).

I hope you see my point. (I hope, Expecto, others will consider joining in on this conversation which promises to be a marvelous discussion especially if the focus can stay healthy and avoid flames, etc. :yes: )