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Michelle Young

That’s an excellent question, Expecto. It’s late here, but I want to touch a bit on this before I go to sleep and then see if I have more to add tomorrow. 🙂

For me, I think every eclipse carries the potential to be a biggie when laid against the natal chart. Through these years you’ve known me, I’ve spoken about the focus of the eclipse–into whichever houses that particular New or Full Moon had fallen. But that’s never the whole picture.

The chart–you’ve seen these–has many components to consider, and every single foundational component needs to be considered in relation to the Solar and Lunar Eclipses. By now, you’ve lived through several eclipses, enough to be able to tell me whether you’ve seen any particular ones have a greater impact on you than others. Consider that now as I tell you the following transiting bodies during the eclipse will make a potential impact on a planet in the natal chart:


possibly Chiron (I’m considering it; not ruling it out.)

And what can happen with your chart? If any of these bodies touch a natal planet or angle for you, you will feel it. You can also feel an eclipse if it touches your North or South Node, and it will be important to note the house into which that eclipse falls as well as the Node.

Don’t worry about the soft aspects. The hard ones–conjunctions, squares, oppositions–are especially the biggies.

I think that’s about all for now. While I never mentioned the word “SuperMoon” eclipse, I think that probably answers your question. I tend to think SuperMoons may be more related to meteorological and geological shifts, but I won’t rule these out either. I’ve had some eclipses hit me with the full force of a hurricane, and I’ll never forget those. Some others hit me with the the lightness of a feather.

Any time a transiting body from the eclipse passes over one of the degrees any of the bodies in your natal chaRt that were touched during the eclipse, you’ll feel it. I’ll try to remember to look at the eclipse charts later today to retrace my steps and see if I missed anything I’d intended to mention. I have some projects I have to get done without delay so I’ll be missing a bit. But I’ll be back later as soon as I’m done.

Did this help at all? I hope so.