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Michelle Young

Michelle - Orkut shot Michelle YoungJan 9, 2013
This morning, I learned that a friend of mine in India tried to kill himself last night. He apparently almost succeeded. He’s in the hospital. I never looked at Nagendra’s chart for suicide when the police said it but I felt compelled to do so with this friend’s chart today because a mutual friend, another astrologer, in fact, had told me and was also concerned and had asked me to look at the chart. I wasn’t even told the country. I just knew who it was.

I looked at the Solar Return for last year (2012) after refreshing my memory of the natal chart. He has a late Pisces rising in the natal chart with the equatorial ascendant at 29 Pisces 00. That’s the 12th house from the natural zodiacal chart. The natal MC, also shows that 29° point, this time in Sagittarius.

The first thing I noticed in the comparison was the SR Moon conjunct the natal Ascendant within 1°17′, nearly partile. He’s not quite at his Saturn return…almost. November 2014 is the first precise hit. I haven’t looked beyond that. So Saturn isn’t playing a role yet, but it’s close enough for me to at least mull it over. On the other hand, transiting Uranus was already within a partile conjunction to his natal Venus retrograde and Mercury, which are in a 7-minute partile conjunction. And then there’s the matter of his natal Chiron conjunct the 2012 Solar Return South Node with a partile conjunction of 9 minutes in the natal 3rd house. I do think that’s important. He’s been put down and “beaten” (figuratively or literally) so long, he just wanted to stop the pain and there you have his wounding.

The good news is that the South Node is retrograde and won’t be back there for many many years. But it’s a painful point even on the retrograde.

Transiting Uranus is also squaring his natal Neptune. While he rejected any kind of belief in astrology, I always found it interesting that he asked about various aspects from time to time. What’s also interesting to me is the SR Mars in the natal 6th in opposition to SR Neptune in the natal 12th. That 6/12 axis is so important!

When I turned the chart to reveal the SR in the center, the 7th house was rising in Libra with the natal Moon conjunct the 7th house cusp of the SR chart. That natal Venus Rx-Mercury conjunct to SR Uranus falls in the 6th house. Remember, the 6th house and 12th house aren’t just about health and hospitals. The 12th is actually the most important here. (I know another person who has a natal Mars-Neptune square, and the 12th house is involved there too with Neptune in the 12th. The person is psychic–but arguments and any other kind of stress/tension/fear like that brings on horrendous headaches.)

Now, this past Monday, Pluto reconnected with the SR transit of Pluto which was conjunct the Solar Return IC at the time of the birthday. And yet, just two days later, the native is in the hospital.

SR Uranus is transiting the 1st house of the natal chart, conjunct that natal Venus-Mercury conjunction. Freedom is written all over this chart, but not in the sense of suicide, I don’t believe. That was a desperate plea for help. He’s looking to make changes. I have no doubt he was so desperate last night that he didn’t feel he had choices left. To speak to him, he is normally so well-mannered and affable and wouldn’t deliberately hurt anyone. In fact, he enjoys many things I suspect the father would have put down as not being work up to a man’s “stature.” But gender preferences don’t even enter into this. It’s that this person hasn’t developed in the way his father wants him to have done. Yet the native enjoys soccer and cricket, like any other guy. He loves music, and he enjoys cooking. From my paternal heritage, the best chefs are men.

I think this is the first time I’ve ever analyzed the charts without showing the chart. I will not identify him. I can’t. I’ve deliberately kept his location vague for the same reason, but hopefully I’ve given enough to hold your interest. Before Lois Rodden died, she said it wouldn’t be her time till Jupiter conjuncted her descendant (a point that was rectified in fact because her own birth time was never known). And sure enough, Lois moved on when Jupiter conjuncted her descendant, I believe on the very day she had said was going to be the time.

I don’t see that it’s this native’s time to go. Jupiter is doing nice things…sextiles…Uranus is challenging, and he’s going to have to face up to that challenge. The SR Moon is squaring the Solar Return IC, where SR Pluto sits. He’s got a lot of fight left in him.

For his sake, please take time to send good, healing thoughts to him, won’t you?