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Michelle Young

Michelle - Orkut shot Michelle YoungOct 10, 2012
Somewhere in my mind, it seems like there’s a vast difference between the terrorist act of a suicide bomber and the suicide as a means of removal from life (intentional phrasing here). Both affect us all in some way. We’re left with the angst and mourning and self-recrimination if it’s someone we knew. We’re left with the horror of the situation regardless of whether we knew the individual or not because suicide is the moment of merging the thought that this was the ultimate goal. I suppose this is why I focus more on the 8th house than I do on the 4th or the 12th. Whether or not the individual possesses an inner framework of theology, s/he will ultimately have crossed that 8th house into the 9th in the process of considering the act. At least I can’t imagine that not taking place–even if a Higher Power isn’t part of the belief system.

Is there a difference between seeing the perspectives from the 8th versus the 12th or 4th houses? Yes. Even though there will be a strong bond among many who choose to end their lives based on depression, it is not the only bond from what I see. Even suicide by terrorism, which may not have that component we call depression, seems to be more likely associated with what might be called theological violence, and it seems to me that we may be missing theology as that across-the-board tie. Now I’m not a doctor or a psychologist or a psychiatrist or even a sociologist. I’m just an astrologer. But surely our thoughts as we encounter this concept would lead to the matter of life after death, of whether we are confronting something/someone beyond, or this is really all there is.

I’m not suggesting that theology may be all we need. It’s not. Surely the depression would stop many if help were within reach. But what if the individual is neither depressed nor a proponent of terrorist thought? How do you solve that one? I don’t think we can without encountering the 9th house and theological concepts.

While we’re on the subject, I think it’s wise to share the vast
compendium of resource links available to anyone who wants to learn
what’s being done in the USA, around the world… It’s a matter of
working together to resolve the problem, thinking out of the box by
taking the box out of the picture altogether. It’s not a pretty picture.
I get that. But it’s one we need to address and do so, head on.

I’ll post more, but this is simply an amazing site.