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Michelle Young

Michelle - Orkut shot Michelle YoungOct 8, 2012
After posting the first portion of this thread earlier today (now yesterday), I got curious about the role technology plays: Is it conducive to prevention of suicide, or does it actually help to increase the suicide rates instead? Some of these links are just that, links. There’s no way to offer the entire text, for example, to a free 1900-page book! It’s not fun reading, mind you, it may be radical in thinking; but I tried to consider various approaches. Hopefully, those of you who are interested will find additional avenues to such thought useful in your research.

This series of additional items I’ve found begins with a post by a mother who asks whether technology is the problem. I had the feeling that she was looking to absolve parents of the blame… But you know what? She had some things to consider. And what I found as well was more validation of this 4/8/12 house concept although perhaps other things were related too. After all, Uranus (technology) is also an 11th house issue, and if we’re talking about illness, perhaps we need to be looking at the 6th house too. Hmmm…brings us up to five houses already, doesn’t it? How about higher education and theology? That makes six houses because that would be a 9th house concern.

Cyberbullying, Teen Suicide and Technology
Thursday, October 14, 2010 at 9:48pm

Since writing the letter about cyberbullying, I have seen many posts about the recent suicides. They all had a slightly different take on the subject. I have read a few
that said that it is not a technology issue, which as a parent left me feeling a bit defensive. It is a technology issue – kids are using computers, phones, webcams, gaming devices to communicate in some negative ways – right?
So before I got angry, I stepped back for a moment. Why are they saying that technology is not the issue? Well, for every device there is something parents can do.
–For computers, there is “parental control” (for lack of a better word) software that parents can install (Mcafee Family Protection). [Sept. 20, 2015: This is not free.]
–For phones, parents can simply ask the phone company to block features, callers, texting, etc – or for very advanced phones there are parental control apps to install.
–For newer gaming devices all come with some type of parental controls built right in – parents just need to turn them on. Even games with inappropriate content all have ratings alerting parents.
But we, as parents, need to know what to do and how to turn it on. We need to know what we are protecting our kids from and teaching them not to do.
Bullying is not new. It has been around probably as long as there have been humans. What is new, is the way bullying is being done. It is really easy in the U.S. to point the finger at someone else and say this is the fault of “X”.
It is the fault of the technology creator. It is the fault of the schools for not intervening. It is the fault of the social network for not making the website safe for kids. The truth is that for every piece of technology, the technology is there to help parents protect their kids.
Schools can not intervene if the bullying is happening on the computer or on a cell phone(not on school grounds). Social networks are just as new as cyberbullying and they are creating fixes as best they can.
This is what I believe: I am the parent. It is my responsibility to protect and nurture my child. It is my responsibility to teach my kids how to stay safe online. It is my responsibility to make sure the content they see online and in games is age appropriate. I need to teach them not to share too much information online. It is my job to teach them to treat others with respect and dignity. They need to trust me enough to come to me when they are in trouble or when someone is unkind.
This is a technology issue, a parenting issue, a manners issue and a morals issue. We all have a part to play and a responsibility to uphold.
If you are a parent or have kids in your life and you need help, ask me. I don’t want one more kid to slip through the cracks because someone didn’t know how to help. Leave a comment below and I will point you in the right direction.
Stay safe out there!

What do you think? Parents? Technology? Is technology both the problem and the solution? I think of the

Rutgers cyber-bullying trial starts Friday
New York Daily News
Thursday, February 23, 2012

The highly anticipated trial of a former Rutgers University freshman accused of cyber-bullying his gay roommate three days before he committed suicide is set to begin Friday.
A 12-person jury in New Jersey will decide the fate of Dharun Ravi, 19, who allegedly used a
webcam to spy on Tyler Clementi’s trysts with another man. Ravi, known as a computer whiz, turned to Twitter tell others how they could watch one of the hookups, though footage was never broadcast.

Trial for Rutgers student accused of cyber-bullying his gay roommate, who later committed suicide, begins Friday