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Michelle Young

Hi Expecto,

[quote=1766]We are about to say bye-bye to Saturn from Scorpio. But as I understand (except for the Sa-Re people), we are all affected by Saturn being in any house. How will a Sag-Saturn going to be for us Scorpios? Is it moving to the second house for us? Is it less important or does it just highlight a different part of our lives ruled by the second house?

Also, Irene asked long time back, but I didn’t understand very well – How is Saturn in Scorpio different for Sa return Scorpios as compared to people with Sa elsewhere in their chart?


Even the Saturn Return people will be affected by Saturn’s presence in whatever house it’s transiting. At some level, by the Solar perspective of what Saturn will be doing after it leaves Scorpio, we’d be looking at the Solar second house. That brings to mind the issue of values in addition to earnings.

Consider how values enter into your life: your moral fiber, your sense of ethics and your self-image. How that will relate to the individual chart depends, of course, on your house cusps. In your specific case, Saturn will be transiting your fifth house. You’ll be looking at responsibilities more than entertainment although you might be looking at investing at this time. (I can’t find where Irene said that unless you were talking about the Saturn Return post she made back then, said it.)

Now in all fairness to you, Expecto, I will tell you that you’ve really been going through this house with Saturn inside for a while. So the only thing is more about the focus. I mentioned your possibly investing, but that doesn’t mean I’d encourage your gambling or taking chances on longshots. It’s not like that. This is more about your looking at if you’re going to invest, you’d be inclined to be highly conservative. Do not invest all your savings; but I really don’t see your ever doing that.

You may find yourself in a relationship where one of you is the parent–and strongly focused on you, btw. You probably won’t feel all that inclined to do a song and dance at party. In fact, you may be very resistant to many parties, preferring to be quieter and more subdued for now.

Now Expecto, Saturn has been transiting your 5th house for two years. Nothing really will change along those lines. On the other hand, the next year, Saturn will move into your sixth house, then backtrack–of course–into your fifth before returning to the 6th. Start working on improving your health now however you see the need. When it moves into your 6th house after the first of the year, make sure you take care of not only your health but your dental health as well.

In the 5th house, btw, be aware that Saturn’s passage over natal Uranusand Jupiter may make you feel like any luck you have had has, as the saying goes, “gone south.” Be patient. Make sure that you retain control over your life instead of bending to any demands from parents, bosses, etc. In some cases, that may see you building enough tension that you simply up and leave. It’s not an easy period, I’m afraid. In fact, you may feel a lot of stress that you’ll realize this is perhaps what caused me to caution you to take additional care of your health.

Above all, Expecto, avoid doing what others are demanding of you (I’m almost 100% sure this is family stuff and not related to your job), and worry about staying as calm, cool and collected as you can while sticking to your guns and your beliefs. Remember, this is still your life and no one else’s. Don’t let the guilt trips start for that matter either. 🙂 :rose:

Hope that helps.