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Michelle Young

Michelle Astrology dp Michelle YoungJan 29, 2008
I truly hate to make the analogy here to either gender, but there are just so many things that seem to point to these waxing and waning emotions–from maternal Ceres conjunct the Ascendant (yes, I know I rarely look at the asteroids or Centaurs) to that Moon in the third, to Lilith in the 9th…I feel like I’m talking about a PMS patient, no offense intended. It’s not that I’m being disrespectful in this observation, but rather my point to get something across very specifically: the emotions of a PMS patient can be pretty volatile if left unchecked and untreated. We’ve all seen the tragic stories of women who committed crimes presumably in the midst of PMS nightmares. Call this a gut feeling, but as I look even further ahead at the Lunar eclipse of the 21st, from what I see is the indicator that the nation will need someone who can lead the country like a nurturing father, who can be a diplomat with other nations (Jupiter preparing to conjunct the Midheaven by then), and who can convince the people that this is a time for new beginnings. That requires the trust of the people. But with that vacillating Moon in the natal chart, and the Lunar eclipse (of course, a Full Moon), I fear that if such a leader with these qualities and abilities doesn’t exist, I think we’re looking at many tears being spilt and many lives lost. With all my heart, I hope I’m wrong, my friend.