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Michelle Young

Michelle Astrology dp Michelle YoungDec 31, 2007
The one thing that does concern me lies in what seems to be a tendency either to allergies or headaches. Perhaps both. But I don’t get the feeling that he would have chosen to be the leader of this party if he’d actually had a choice. It seems more about the ideals that must continue to be promoted so that his mother’s death wouldn’t have been in vain. That’s not something I ordinarily might see in a chart, but he has Chiron in the 8th house in Cancer in opposition to Neptune and creating a T-square in his 5th house with Mars. I get the feeling that he didn’t see this as a matter of choice but what was his duty, not only to heal others but first and foremost, to heal himself.

But lest anyone misunderstands, do not think this is an individual with selfish goals. That’s most definitely not what he’s about. He may have been misunderstood through his early years, but he focuses on the good of all before he worries about himself. If ever there was someone who was older than his years, it’s Bilawal. He has a huge amount of commitment, as shown by his Sun in square to Saturn, but he also needs his freedom. The combination of Saturn conjunct Uranus in his second house reveals an individual who has wealth within reach, but that wealth may not be all that he’s about–or all that important to him. What’s more important is the words he’s already spoken about democracy being the best revenge. The upheaval that rests in his nation of birth lies within his value system, and it’s not something he’s going to be willing to relinquish all that easily. Even if he stays abroad, as his mother did, for some time, expect him to lead and lead well.