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Michelle Young

AnonyMous AnonyMousDec 31, 2007
AnonyMous: It was a surprise. There was a long debate but still the opposition couldn’t find anything wrong (solid wrong!) in the budget. People were pleasently surprised.


Michelle: It was in early July.

Well, perhaps the plans started forming in the latter June date. I don’t know. But Uranus, remember, turned on 23 June.

AnonyMous: You said June 24?

Got it

Karachi was hit by a deadly storm.

Michelle: 23-24. 23rd was Uranus retrograde. I warned about something on the 25th.

AnonyMous: Many people were killed. It was a huge story.

or 26th.

Michelle: But check in those threads. You’ll see.

AnonyMous: The city was flooded & the most of the killings were done by the huge advertising hoardings. All over the city. That was a shock.


AnonyMous: YEs yes.

Michelle: Totally unexpected.

AnonyMous: Out of the blue. The meteorological office didn’t see the storm coming soon enough to send out warnings.

Michelle: That was Uranus.

AnonyMous: & the coalition forces raided rural areas of Pakistan!!

Aaminah: That’s what im saying literally everthing is happening here, violence storms quakes God knows what.

AnonyMous: They shot & killed people inside Pakistan borders.

Michelle: On the 25th of June, AnonyMous. That was the EXACT Neptune-Saturn opposition in square to Venus. It was a Scorpio Moon to boot so that ended up coming in to make a Grand Cross, and all of this started with that Uranus retrograde on the 23rd, but the Moon was the trigger.

Aaminah: Plus things are pretty bad in North Waziristan Miran Shah places with the Taliban.

Michelle: I DEFINITELY talked about this in the community.

I had even said it could be on the 26th or 27th but I thought it would be the 26th.