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Michelle Young

AnonyMous AnonyMousDec 31, 2007
AnonyMous: Yes it is. Wherever that judge has set a foot, he has caused major trouble.

Michelle: The next unexpected thing would have taken place around 28 June 2006. This would have taken place actually IN Pakistan. What took place in January 2006 probably was related to international affairs but maybe not.

It was probably NOT public knowledge.

The thing in June could have been public knowledge.

And people were pleased.

Now Aaminah, this is weird. I kept getting confused because there was apparently something important last year in June and July too.

9 December 2006 was the next one and this was another turning point.

AnonyMous: Well, many things are happening here. It might have been the deal that government struck with tribal leaders.

Michelle: It was an emotional thing, and it was related to the emotional tenor of the country as of that month. I’m going to do a lunar return for November 2006–sorry, not December–November.

AnonyMous: 9th of November is the poet’s anniversary (Iqbal).

Aaminah: She is right. So many things are haooening here that we can’t keep track of them, you know, unless it’s our job as a reporter.

Michelle: Whatever this judge did in March infuriated people (or was it Musharaf who did?). People were angry and explosive.

AnonyMous, did something else happen on 7 June 2007?

Aaminah: It caused major upheavel in the country. People lashed out what Musharraf did.

AnonyMous: Yes people were angry at the president but not the judge (it was confusing before but the political parties turned the whole judge matter completely incomprehensible to a common mind) what people understand is that the president wants to stay in power & over threw the judge for that.

Aaminah: *at what

Michelle: And maybe the 23/24 of June?

AnonyMous: The budget.

Michelle: Which? The earlier June date or the latter one? The latter one seems explosive.

AnonyMous: The earlier.

Michelle: Ok. Would the latter one have been when there was an assassination attempt on Musharraf?