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Michelle Young

AnonyMous AnonyMousDec 31, 2007
The conversation took place because of the situation in Lal Masjid (G-6, Islamabad).
All of us were harried & confused.I spoke with Michelle, she did the analysis & later she described it to Aaminah when she spoke with her on the same date. here you go:

Aaminah: My dear, it was in a residential sector BUT it happened in a rally where crowds were gathered for the the Chief Justice’s speech. And at such places common residents of Islamabad are not found so it’s completely ok.

Michelle: Syed wrote to me today. He’s devastated by all this, and I was reading some posts two other friends were making, and they’re concerned that this will become a civil war. Aaminah, things don’t look good. I did Pakistan’s chart.

Aaminah: That’s so sad.

Michelle: I wish I could convince you and your mother to take your brothers out of there!

Aaminah: Yeah

Have you put it up in the community when you did Pakistan’s chart?

Michelle: AnonyMous asked me what I saw. Aaminah, it’s pretty heavy. I was giving her dates, and it was amazing. Obviously i don’t know news from Pakistan that easily. And i was distracted because of the plane crash in Brazil today. 184 dead in São Paulo.

Aaminah: I only worry about the fact that if Musharraf goes, Pakistan has a very dark future.

Michelle: This crash wouldn’t have happened but an Appeals court overruled the Supreme Court there because the “chance for accidents is too low in contrast to the amount of business large planes bring to that airport!” I was horrified!

Anyway, I didn’t know dates, as I said. I’ll show you this:

AnonyMous: About the bombing, I had this weird dream last night & this happened tonight, it’s so terrifying, Michelle.

They have warned that either the Marriott or the Serena are their next targets & I’m practically next door to Marriott (my office).

Michelle: I was doing a little research while she and I were talking so I could confirm the time I needed for the country.