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Michelle Young

Annemari Linno Annemari LinnoMay 20, 2009
Regarding saturn exaltation in Libra I think its roll is to be stabilizer. Libra is the sign of partnership, it means it touches more than one person and to get something out of partnership, it needs desperately some stabilizing component πŸ™‚ and hmm… I read that saturn is the teacher and we learn through every relationship…so it has also the role of teaching there πŸ™‚
If I try I can think maybe some more roles for Saturn. But regarding exaltation I think that planet is exalted in the sign where it can express its traits to help fulfill the purpose of the sign. I mean something like mercury is exalted in aquarius to facilitate communication, otherwise it would be hard to be friend like aquarius demands or venus is exalted in pisces to give love feeling to the romantic nature of pisces sign.

But it is purely my opinion and should not considered as the final truth πŸ™‚