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Michelle Young

Michelle Astrology dpMichelle Young – Jun 18, 2008
Hi Shoaib,

When you try to figure out what one particular aspect means without considering the entire chart, you stand the potential of losing the true meaning of that aspect. I don’t believe in cookbook astrology, Shoaib. It’s just not conducive to getting the full and true meaning of any particular aspect. Every nuance needs to be considered. You just aren’t going to see the whole picture like this. This is exactly why I urge people to focus on seeing the chart as a completely integrated picture. Every single part of the chart works with the rest of the chart so there is a smooth flow to what you’re seeing.

What you’re asking for here, Shoaib, is cookbook astrology. Regardless of whose chart that opposition belongs to, it’s an exercise in futility–and guessing games–since you’re going to miss so much.