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Michelle Young

Michelle Astrology dp Michelle YoungJul 23, 2007
Well I believe that too…. that the cusp is only a starting point of a house. Also i know that one person can have only one sun sign. But what my problem is according to the astrodienst my sun is in scorpio but all the solar transits I have I feel are according to libra. Saturn has recently shown exaltation for me and the sun always falls for my solar houses and of course mars is detrimental for my solar house transits.

Pooja, one of the problems I see in your explanations is your effort to label everything. I’m not trying to embarrass you in my comments here, rather I’m trying to help you and many others who tend to do this.

What do you see as “Saturn has recently shown exaltation?” How do you define Saturn exalted beyond your knowing it’s in Libra? What about Mars in detriment? My point here is it’s fine to say you know to identify them, but what do they mean to you? Let’s get some quality thinking going on, shall we? 🙂 My nature is completely confused types like librans. Is it a possibility that the people born around the cusp of a sign might be the other sign than what the date suggests???

First of all, who says Libra is “completely confused?” I noted about the “cusp” of a sign in my comment to Darsana. You’ll probably find that interesting, but don’t automatically mistake it as your being one sign versus another. Is it possible that your signature is in Libra? Consider other reasons why this might be the case.

Michelle Astrology dp Michelle YoungJul 23, 2007
I’ll be deleting your post to retain your privacy.

You have a Scorpio rising, the Sun in Capricorn (0°16′) in an out-of-sign conjunction to the Moon in Sagittarius.

This community, however, is not established for free personal chart interpretation. Sorry. You can, however, get a free computerized interpretation and forecast by looking in this thread:

Your Western Chart–& Interpretation and Forecast
(Sep 3, 2015 – While the Orkut link you see is invalid, the Western Chart & Inerpretation and Forecast link is now valid. Click on it, and you will be taken to that thread in a new tab while still in this site. Thank you.)

Hope that helps. 🙂

Digvijay ThakurDec 5, 2007
Did you say that cusps are awfully predicatble!?
IF yes I agree.

Michelle Astrology dp Michelle YoungDec 5, 2007
Did you say that cusps are awfully predicatble!?
IF yes I agree.

Cusps are only predictable if you understand that the only part of any chart that is or can be a cusp is the line between any two houses. There is no such thing as a “cusp” of two signs when it comes to someone’s Sun. You either are one sign or the other. It’s impossible to be both. You can carry many traits of several signs, but you absolutely cannot be two Sun signs or two Moon signs or two of any planet signs. The word “cusp” in relation to the luminaries and planets is a misnomer. It’s only the line between two houses, nothing more. (And yes, I have heard these Sun sign astrologers who will tell you otherwise. 🙂 It’s not true.)

Digvijay ThakurDec 6, 2007
at michelle!
I am a layman!
Plz Give me simple yes or a no!

Michelle Astrology dp Michelle YoungDec 6, 2007

lol! No. They don’t exist as you’re thinking they do.