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Michelle Young

Binit Thapa Binit ThapaJul 24, 2008
Many thanks for your wonderful reply Michelle.

Truly speaking, these days I am so much immersed in office work that I hardly have time for anything else. (Like an addiction). I used to worry about my country a lot but now I am convinced that things will be same. No longer do I trust anybody, not any political parties or maoists. New president has been recently elected, everybody is crying folly of foreign hands upon that (which they always tell). This means they are going to oppose whatever government does and I am sure this wont help Nepal. In Nepal, old people have a saying that this country was once cursed by a sati (translated a widow sacrificing her body in remorse to her husband’s death in funeral pyre upon her own will). Now it really seems this is true. So to say, if I was an influential figure in Nepalese politics I would give full support to the Govt. (and elected president).

Apart from that I am always browsing through this community. I have one complaint for you though. I am finding that you are being less active in Astrology community, due to which I no longer find good posts in that community. May be lack of time. Hm, but its good that you have made this community entertaining (with lots of learning of course).

And yes, I like to be precise in things I love. Its always something or the other (now its my job). But generally I am very bad at other things. Sometimes I think I ignore common things too much. Also I would like to tell you one more thing. I know the qualities of Mars now, and I really feel I don’t have any of them in me (strange because Mars is the lord of my Ascendent). People find me very calm for instance. Possibly, the powerful exalted saturn has dominated Mars too much in my case.

Btw, if you have anything good to say about Nepal I’d be glad. Could this be a new beginning?