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Michelle Young

Michelle - Orkut shot Michelle YoungJul 24, 2008
Michelle, I went through my chart as you suggested and though I dont have a Mars-Saturn conjunction, I do have a Mars-Saturn square.
I dont know how to relate it to this Mars-Saturn conjunction. So if you’d explain, I’d be really grateful.

Okay, James, without my seeing your Lunar or Solar returns, I can only speak from a broader level here. When we have a particular aspect in our natal chart, we often become aware of the pains and pleasures of that aspect when a transiting aspect comes into play. If the Moon is in the right position to trigger that aspect, you will most definitely feel those energies rising. One of my sons has a Mars-Saturn opposition in square to Pluto. When he was small, he had difficulties at school that were so precisely timed by when that t-square was triggered, I was actually able to forewarn his teachers when they might have a difficult day with him.

Is your Mars-Saturn square in any kind of alignment with the transiting Mars-Saturn conjunction that was going on? Just a thought…