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Michelle Young

Michelle - Orkut shot Michelle YoungJul 24, 2008
Would you believe I was just thinking about you the last few days and wondering how you were? I wanted to ask you how you feel about the turn of events in Nepal and the election of your president.

I have this particular conjunction in 12th house (Libra).
What you described above is so true of me.
No friends (lack of interest), love things that require precision (games of that sort – chess for instance, mathematics and other topics).

In Libra, Binit, Saturn has an especially interesting bent since Saturn is so business-oriented, so to speak. One gets one’s work done and usually will prefer to focus on what s/he alone has to do. It’s about responsibility in the work world. Well, in Libra, Saturn’s energy takes that responsibility pattern and applies it to the partnership that will include marriage. What one achieves in that partnership as a part of the responsibility is the essence of this placement in Libra.

I always read in literature all the bad things about Mars-Saturn conjunction (Chieros noob books and shani-mangal yuti in eastern astrology); but never knew I had derived my best qualities from it.

See, this is why I have such an aversion to the cookbooks of astrology! They give you bits and pieces. And just as you shouldn’t/can’t take the little bit I’ve just said about Saturn in Libra and declare this is all I think about Saturn in Libra because it can’t be segregated like that, neither can you with any of the aspects of the chart! It’s also why I get so upset when I hear people asking for “remedies” or how to “overcome” this or that particular trait. What might be “bad” in one sense can be the very thing that propels you to your personal greatness in another sense, as you obviously see now. Thanks for making me aware of it. Since I hate biology (requires rote learning), I never thought of being a surgeon though. Now I am an computer engineer.

But you’re still needing to be precise in what you do, Binit. Right?