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Michelle Young

Michelle - Orkut shot Michelle YoungFeb 20, 2014

Soldier convicted in rape, murder of Iraqi girl is found hanged
By David Zucchino
February 18, 2014, 5:42 p.m.

This post has been updated. See below for details.

It was one of the most disturbing war crimes to emerge from the brutal conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan: U.S. Army Pfc. Steven Dale Green raped and killed a 14-year-old Iraqi girl in 2006 after shooting and killing her parents and younger sister. Then he and his combat buddies from a nearby U.S. Army checkpoint set the girl’s corpse on fire.

Green, 28, serving five life sentences, apparently has committed suicide eight years after the crimes. He was found hanging in his cell at the federal maximum security prison in Tucson last week and died Saturday, prison officials announced Tuesday.

They said Green’s death was being investigated as an apparent suicide.

A prison spokesman, John Stahley, declined to provide details, including whether Green left a note.

Asked why authorities had waited this long to announce his death, Stahley said the prison’s administrative staff was off during the three-day Presidents Day weekend. He said Green’s family was notified Saturday.

[Updated 5:30 p.m. Feb. 18: Green’s civilian lawyer, Darren Wolff, told The Times that it was his understanding that Green had recently been placed into protective segregation after a dispute between him and other inmates.

Wolff said he last heard from Green when the former soldier sent him a letter, within the last two months. Green gave no indication that he was depressed or under duress, Wolff said. Green was looking forward to a visit last week from a documentary filmmaker, he said.
Green’s death “adds another tragedy to a long list of tragedies that already existed in this case,” Wolff said. “It’s another indication of how horrific this case has been for everyone involved.”]

Green was a 19-year-old college dropout when he joined the Army and deployed to Iraq. At the traffic checkpoint, near the Iraqi town of Mahmoudiya, he and fellow soldiers abused alcohol and drugs and came up with a plan to have sex with the Iraqi girl, Abeer Kassem Hamza Janabi, according to court testimony. They had watched her from the checkpoint as she performed household chores.

According to testimony at his federal trial in Kentucky, Green was brought along to the girl’s home because he had spoken of wanting to kill Iraqis. A group of five soldiers entered the home on March 12, 2006, while a sixth stood guard at the checkpoint.

Two soldiers took the girl into a room and raped her while Green held the teenager’s father, Kassem Hamza Raheem, 45; her mother, Fakhriya Taha Muhasen, 34; and 6-year-old sister, Hadeel Kassem Hamza, at gunpoint in another room.

As Abeer was being gang-raped, Green shot all three family members, according to testimony. He then raped Abeer. When he had finished, he shot her in the head. The soldiers fled, but not before burning the girl’s body. The killings occurred in an area nicknamed the “Triangle of Death” by some U.S. service members because of multiple American casualties at the hands of insurgents.

Green did not testify at his trial, but during his sentencing in 2009 he apologized for the crimes and said he expected to face “God’s justice” when he died. Federal prosecutors had sought the death sentence, but a jury instead sentenced him to five life terms. Four other soldiers were convicted or pleaded guilty in connection with the killings, but Green remained the public face of the horrific crimes.

He was tried in federal court because the soldiers’ role in the killings was not discovered until after he had been discharged for an “antisocial personality disorder.” Several soldiers tried to cover up the killings by blaming insurgents, according to testimony.

Green was initially sent to a federal prison in Indiana but was transferred to Arizona after he was reportedly attacked in prison. He arrived at the Tucson facility in February 2010.

Michelle - Orkut shot Michelle YoungFeb 20, 2014

In a December 2010 interview from prison with the Associated Press, Green blamed his behavior, in part, on the deaths of two fellow soldiers killed by insurgents near the checkpoint. Those deaths “messed me up real bad,” he said.

He also blamed the Army, which he said had abandoned him and the rest of his unit at the checkpoint.

“There’s not a word that would describe how much I hated these people,” Green said of Iraqis. “I wasn’t thinking these people were humans.”

The day of the rapes and killings, Green said, he was in an “altered state of mind.”

“I wasn’t thinking about more than 10 minutes into the future at any given time,’’ he said. “I didn’t care.”

Green said he had converted to Catholicism in prison. He described his prison existence as “hazardous” because other inmates considered him a child molester and a target for reprisal.

He expressed regret for the killings, telling the AP, “If I thought that was an OK thing now, I wouldn’t be much of a human being.’’

Green’s civilian lawyer and federal public defender did not respond to several requests for comment. Stahley said Green’s family would be permitted to claim his body after the investigation of his death was completed.,0,4860636.story
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Steven Dale Green – untimed chart
Steven Dale Green - untimed chart

Valentine’s Full Moon inside, Steven Dale Green’s untimed natal chart outside
Valentine's Full Moon inside, Steven Dale Green's untimed natal chart outside

Michelle - Orkut shot Michelle YoungFeb 20, 2014

I decided to draw up the untimed chart for Steven Dale Green because I was relatively sure I’d see a hard aspect between his natal Saturn and the transiting Sun. In fact, after I started doing a little research on his death, I learned he hadn’t died yesterday (the 19th), but on Saturday, the 15th, the day after the Full Moon! Even though I don’t have the time of death, I wasn’t disappointed.. It was pretty easy to put the pieces together when I had a look juat at the Full Moon chart, even though it’s likely that he killed himself after the Moon had made ingress to Virgo. I’m guessing that they might have found his body by the time the Moon had opposed Neptune–and natal Mars was making a 20-minute partile square to transiting Neptune–although I suppose it’s quite possible that the Moon was opposing Mercury at the time of death since Mercury was involved in the Full Moon by conjunction to the Sun–and squaring both transiting Saturn as well as his natal Saturn. His natal Saturn was most likely making a partile square to the transiting Sun.

That’s not to say that Saturn’s square to these bodies would automatically put one in a position of “most likely suicide.” It doesn’t. The natal chart might give some proclivity toward depression and so on, but the transiting chart would have more than one configuration to back up the conclusions one might make. His natal Moon in Libra would also have been lending to the aspects that would have brought him to the point of no return. He would most likely have been born at a time when the Moon had made aspects to the Cardinal T-square with Uranus opposed to his natal Moon, and the Moon squaring the Pluto-Venus conjunction in opposition to natal Jupiter.

It seems like the aspects were just too perfect on Saturday. He wasn’t about to turn back on his decision. Remorse for a crime isn’t always enough, is it? It’s a shame, however, that he was more concerned about whether his sentence was less fair than what the other soldier had than he was about the act itself. Seems to me, he just didn’t get it.

Saturn called him on it.