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When Justice Is Blind To Justice

The third segment of the show exposed the kind of treatment meted out by courts and lawyers to victims. Horrific instances were highlighted, one being where a victim’s undergarments were openly displayed in the middle of the courtroom. Aamir interviewed a woman who’d been fighting to have her case heard for over 21 years, despite having shown dilligence in collecting every bit of evidence possible. The segment also featured a short interview with retired judge Usha Mehra, whose report had proposed the establishment of a one stop rape crisis centre that would facilitate speedy trials.

Breaking Down Societal Prejudice

Aamir then went on to highlight the kind of prejudice we label rape victims with as a society. Interestingly, research on rape victims showed that the maximum number of crimes happened to women when they were wearing saris or burqas, banishing the myth that the victim might have lured her attacker with provocative dressing. Research also showed that no age group was spared, with victims ranging from the ages of 2-93.

Showcasing The Spirit Of Survivors

The stories of rape survivors were celebrated with two women, Suzette Jordan (Park Street, Kolkata) and Urmila Singh Bharti (Madhya Pradesh), sharing their experiences on the show. The women admitted to being ostracized, abused, humiliated and bogged down by the system and society they lived in, but their spirit shined through at the end of the day and they are now working to help other victims fight their cases.

Sona Mohapatra Sings ‘Bekhauf’

Just like in the last season, the episode ended with a touching song on the matter discussed. Sung by Sona Mohapatra and composed by Ram Sampth, the lyrics of ‘Bekhauf’ spoke of a victim’s desire to live without fear.
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Here’s Episode 1 of Season 2 in Hindi. Hopefully by the time I wake up, the episode will again be online in English too. I’m eager to see it.: