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Michelle Young

Michelle - Orkut shot Michelle Young – May 19, 2012

If children can do these things, then each of us have a responsibility to do something if only to make donations as we can, to speak about social issues as Aamir Khan (yes, I am aware of the show. I only wish I knew enough of the language to get the whole thing, but even listening to the show without understanding all of the words, there is some kind of symbiotic relationship I’m experiencing, and my Hindi lessons are beginning to pay off here too when I understand some of the words he’s saying and can still have some kind of grasp of one section or another.), to volunteer, to do something that speaks from within us to do. We cannot straddle the fence. We cannot sit idly by and do nothing!

If this is my purpose for having been brought to a situation that demanded I look more deeply into the asteroids, it becomes irrelevant whether I went through all that gut-wrenching pain to get there. That was my fear talking. I cannot be afraid of having more knowledge because if I am unwilling to learn more about those things that I have such an aversion to (asteroids), then I may, somewhere in the recesses of my mind, think I have no other reason to live. I have to keep learning. That includes my learning more about asteroids despite any ego, despite any resistance, there’s more for me to learn—for whatever reason.

That’s who I am. That’s where I even began with my lessons in Hindi a couple of months ago now, I guess. I don’t really remember when I started. I know the alphabet by heart now and am starting to recognize some characters. It’s exciting! It says I’m growing. I’m flowing, like the waters of the river, quite fitting for this water sign with an Aquarius Moon…

Mai Nahar (מי נהר)

מי נהר זורמים
אלו הם ימי חייך
הם מימי חייך
נשטפים בזרם
שמתחיל עם גשם ראשון

מי נהר זורמים
אלו הם פלגי המים
שיגיעו אל מדבר גווע
עם השקט שיבוא
גם אם אשתה את כל הים

הוא לא ירווה את צימאוני
לעוד יום קרוב אליך
לעוד יום בזרועותיך
גם אם אשב מתחת שמש
לא ישרפו אותי קרניה
כמו לבי נשרף בלהבות אהבתך

River Waters

Flowing waters of the river
These are the days of your life
The waters of your life
Washed in the current
That begins with the first rain

Flowing water of the river
These are the streams of water
That will reach an anguished desert
With the falling silence
Even if I drink the entire ocean

It will not quench my thirst
For another day close to you
For another day in your arms
Even if I sit under the sun
Her rays will not burn me
As my heart burns in the flames of your love