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Michelle Young

Michelle - Orkut shot Michelle Young – May 19, 2012

Now everyone won’t see the correlations here, but I have to add it. It seems to round out some of the pieces for me even though I don’t see how yet. Perhaps because this is another of the asteroids although many astrologers might not acknowledge her (Goddess Haumea) as such: [Sep 1, 2015 – the link is no longer valid. In lieu of that, consider the following:,, and

These asteroids seemed to be weaving a tale that I suddenly realized last night had spelled out evil things I had been seeing in the charts of little girls and their parents. I was seeing signs that the mother was plotting and manipulating one of her children to try to implicate the father in a custody battle.

My heart sank even further as I allowed my mind to travel over the events of the past week in Scorpio to the “Femininity on legal sale” thread. Here, we had spoken of the exploitation of women. But what about the exploitation of men? Why should we make this a gender issue? Why not see all of these pieces as they fall in place throughout society, whether in India or in other parts of the world including the USA? No, I’m not speaking about the consequences of something like a one-night stand. Sometimes it seems like people are more conscious (this may be my own naivete) of the dangers (physical?) of one-night stands than they are about the long-reaching effects of what we’re doing to each other, or even to the children yet to be born, beyond the horrific slaughter of unborn children simply because they are female. I’m speaking about the cruelties we inflict on each other, even when they are children.

So it is with these thoughts that I began my journey, not knowing what I would find. Sagar has indeed opened my mind when I thought I had shut the door to the potentials of the asteroids if only through the understandings of the legends of these bodies themselves. The door needed to be opened. I’ve been and am in something of battle mode against them (the asteroids). Asteroids seem to compartmentalize when it may be dangerous to do so. Why break it down? We are potentially in danger of doing the same thing with any subject, are we not? 

I don’t understand yet what happened, only that the asteroids took me into that journey downward, allowing me to plummet into caverns deeper and deeper, where my conscious of who I am now wasn’t ready to revisit yet. But the asteroids reminded me that I absolutely cannot forget! These are realities of each of our lives, whether or not we’ve lived them ourselves, or we know someone who has, and they are realities because you, like I, may know someone experiencing some components of what I discovered in this journey.

And in this journey to learn more, I stumbled across the most breathtaking story of all, from Indian legend, mythology… I don’t know enough yet to know where to put it, and I’m actually grateful for that because it gives me a chance to experience it from my own eyes with the innocence of a child perhaps, and therefore just maybe I get the essence and beauty without the rationalization or justifications adults often try to lend to the various pieces of our lives: I found someone’s blog about the story of Krishna and Radha, and it was here that I began to find my journey back up through the muck and mire of God awful pain I was experiencing that night.

I am like Guillaume Nery jumping at Dean’s Blue Hole in this journey of the layers of life and humanity, and I don’t know where that journey will take me. But I am part of the human race, I am part of this world, and despite the pain, I have to explore because I am less of the kind of person I want and choose to be if I don’t do so. I demand of others to continue their quest for answers, and I don’t have that right if I’m unwilling to do so as well:

There is an organization called Color My World Kids, a US-based non-profit 501c3 “leading a global effort to relieve human suffering, by providing emergency response relief items and humanitarian services to those in need.” The organization was established by four children in one family, the youngest of whom was 3 years old when it was created.