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Michelle Young

Michelle - Orkut shot Michelle Young – May 19, 2012

Now before any of you think I know what I’m talking about in the context of the actual situation, you might benefit from knowing that this is complex just as the most intricately-woven novel you’ve ever read is complex. There are many story lines in this story, and it’s all too easy to lose yourself in the midst of stuff going on all around you. In the midst of my quest to have these pieces come together, I went on a quest about legends…

Legends. Neptune certainly enters into this kind of journey, doesn’t it? Neptune colors our world with the most beautiful hues…of…

In Incoming: Astrology Domine!, Sagar gently nudged me in the direction of seeing Persephone even though I stubbornly resisted. I’ve been convinced that the asteroids had nothing to teach basic astrology.

Not to prove my point here (because I’m being forced by the set of circumstances that have taken place very close to home–the tie in to that reference about precognition I made in the beginning of this post), I’m offering a draft of what I began to write this week and then put aside. It needs to be said as a reminder to myself that the nudge in the direction of Persephone may have been an incredible reminder I deeply needed to hear (despite myself lol). I will implore the reader to understand that this is neither an argument nor a debate with Sagar over his exploration of the Persephone studies, rather my observations of my own evolution that somehow tied into events that had created this journey this week.

I think I understand the point you’re trying to make here, Sagar. It seems to be less obvious from this perspective despite the mythological connections they attempted to make in the TOI. I’m not sure if that was a deliberate linkage on the parts of the TOI, its reporters and editors, or something that kind of happened as serendipity. Commodities? Perhaps. However, it seems to me that you would have more clout–palanca (pah-lahn-kah) as Spanish speakers would say–with Pluto in Capricorn. It’s actually perfect!

Think about this: Pluto is Hades, as I recall they make clear in their references to this asteroid. And certainly Pluto’s queen would be formidable, majestic and venerable and all too capable of effecting curses upon the souls of the dead through men. Put that image of Hades and her into the realm of Saturn-ruled Capricorn, and you have the process of reward and punishment in the public eye (10th house), the concept of the 8th house through Pluto and the underworld, and the land, a reference to the fourth house rather than the 2nd. The fourth house is the mother’s or father’s home, the roots of the family, the endings as one of the houses of endings just as the 8th house is a house of endings.

Saturn gives the rewards and enriches those who have earned them. Those who haven’t earned those rewards are “doomed” to fail (death of vegetation perhaps?). Income would not be earned through the fat of the land since there wouldn’t be any fat of the land to be had.

Where is the real point here: Persephone as the victim of a kidnapping, or Hades/Pluto as the perpetrator of the crime? If it’s Persephone, then what statement needs to be made any more “easily” than simply through the Venus retrograde? If it’s Pluto/Hades, then why not look there instead? What is the point of asking about Persephone when the timing itself of the Venus retrograde is based on new awakenings in understanding about women and children? After all, we have the issues of domestic violence and abuse including child sexual abuse (but why not women as a whole too? Are not women also abused? Many have been victimized by this crime since childhood and then moved into new facets of that abuse in adulthood. You want tie ins?
Try this: The woman who leaves the home of her abuser, the perpetrator of DV [domestic violence] will try on the average three times. Her final escape may either be successful through actual escape–or suicide.). Sorry. I don’t mean to distract or divert the ideas presented here at all. It’s this vein… 🙂