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Michelle Young

Michelle - Orkut shot Michelle YoungDec 15, 2012
Coming across the news a minute ago, authorities have apparently located the mother’s home, and they got a search warrant after noticing what appeared to be a body inside. I’m waiting on news about that. The shooter’s father apparently lives in Connecticut, and the shooter was somehow connected to the Sandy Hook Elementary School where this massacre took place this morning. I’ve saved me comments from elsewhere to post here as well before I begin to analyze the [correct] chart more.

It’s just come across on the updates before I’ve even been able to post the comments, the shooter’s mother was a teacher at the school. Many of the victims were her students. 

“The other serious problem: Parents have begun to be directed to a local firehouse. We have a list of names of children who have been accounted for.”

At least 9 adults have been killed. It may actually be a little higher than 14 children dead, they’re reporting now. Two guns have been recovered. They appear to have been semi-automatics. Gunman reportedly got into a confrontation in the front office at the school.

“At Columbine, there were 13 dead.” Talk about comparisons!

The gunman was Ryan Lanza who had tied to the Newtown area. Again, his mother was a teacher at the school. 

More of my comments: They’ve apparently found the home of the shooter, possibly his father’s house, and they have entered the home to search for motives. The school houses grades kindergarten to fourth grade, ages 5 to 10.

They’ve just said that there’s a possibility that a second shooter was there and someone was taken into custody.

Omg 18 children are dead!!!!!!

There is a report coming across that at least some of the children who were killed were *executed!

Individual in custody who was dressed in camouflage pants and a black shirt said while looking directly at parents as he passed them, “I didn’t do it.” Police are treating this as one gunman dead, one alive.

A nurse was interviewed on the news, and she said there were 20 parents who had just been told their children were dead.

CT State Police, Lt. Paul Vance:

Evacuation was begun as soon as Newtown and CT state police arrived.

“Scene is secure. Many agencies are working together to [piece] together what happened.”

“All 18 children were killed execution-style.”

I’ll be back shortly with an analysis of the chart. 
Michelle - Orkut shot Michelle YoungDec 15, 2012
Lanza, the gunman, was 24 years old. Whew. Jupiter return year. 

Michelle - Orkut shot Michelle YoungDec 15, 2012
An update and then I’m going to post this in the Pluto thread after what I’ve just heard and seen on the news reports still continuing:

CBS National News has reported that Ryan Lanza was 24, so he was going through his Jupiter return this year, and his mother was a teacher at the school. I’ve heard hints that she was a kindergarten teacher but I didn’t hear that for a second time yet. The majority of the children killed were in one classroom. All children were summarily executed and had no escape. The school principal was also killed. 

26 total were killed at the school, of which 20 were children who were murdered in two classrooms, two of whom died later at the hospital.. Two bodies were found apparently at his mother’s home as well. Authorities are looking for his father, his brother and his girlfriend. A total of 28 killed. Six adults including the shooter died.(Some of the totals are still changing, but it’s definitely 20 children.) It is believed that his mother was one of the adults killed at the school.

And before I could post this, more came out:

CBS is now saying that the dead gunman may be Adam Lanza, the younger brother, and that the one being questioned might be Ryan. Adam is/was 20, outgoing, and brilliant. Ryan is 24. They aren’t sure now which is which. Both brothers were apparently involved.