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Michelle Young

Murali Murali SankarNov 27, 2008
Just trying to elaborate on what Irene said:

The batter used for Dosa or Idli has both rice and lentil. For Dosa, the batter is loose so that you can spread it over a flat pan easily. For Idli, the batter is more thick and it is steam-cooked. 

We have Idli cooker here. 😀

Another popular breakfast dish in South India is the ‘Puttu’ (read, Put with a stress given to the ‘t’). It is made from rice or wheat flour. The recipe is simple. Prepare the dough with flour and water. Salt is added, so here, at my home, brine is used. The dough is mixed with coconut scrapings and then is cooked in steam. The variety in making ‘Puttu’ lies on how it is cooked. The most famous variety is ‘Kutti puttu’ (ku-tea puTT ). To make this there is a special device. It resembles a rocket. 😀 The cylindrical part can be filled with the dough and coconut scrapings alternatively(say 3 handful of dough followed by 1 handful of coconut scrapings) till the ‘kutti’ is filled. The base of this ‘kutti’ has a slotted disc that lets steam into the dough. Water is boiled in a pot over which this ‘kutti’ is kept. The steam rises up through the dough, cooking it. when it is ready, just life the ‘kutti’, open it, push the disc from behind using any rod. there comes the ‘kutti puttu’ from the other end. LOL !!!

Michelle - Orkut shot Michelle YoungNov 27, 2008
Michelle, I know, was just teasing

I knew that. lol 

Or did you think I was born yesterday?  

(If you did, I may have to think of some way to tap a pipeline to you for instant self-confidence boosts. lol)

Michelle - Orkut shot Michelle YoungNov 27, 2008
Irene and Neo

Fascinating!! In some ways, the Dosa and Iddli remind me of varieties of dim sum most people don’t know about unless they make the dishes themselves–or go to Chinatown. lol The various mixtures used with dim sum will also depend on whether they’re fried, steamed, boiled or baked, filled or not. 

I think I’m going to need to explore some more of the world of Indian and Pakistani cooking! Perhaps I’ll even get to learn how to make kheer! Yummmmm!

Irene - Orkut shot Irene D’SilvaNov 27, 2008

Next time when you go to an Indian restaurant in their menu look under Southern Specialties. They will have iddli, uttappam, and atleast 5-6 different varieties of dosas. Try some when you get chance. It is quite good. Yummmyyy…

Murali Murali SankarNov 27, 2008

Yes yes. Especially my favourites
1. Ghee Dosa. It is thinner than nomral Dosa and the ghee added in pretty good amount will make it crisp. 

2. Masala Dosa too. It is Dosa filled with Potato curry. Curry sandwitched in Dosas. 🙂

Irene - Orkut shot Irene D’SilvaNov 27, 2008
Last time when I was in India I was there for I think 21 days. Out of those 21 days I had Masala Dosa like 18 days or so… Those are my favorite…. Yummm