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Michelle Young

Tanmoy… On the Rocks – Mar 31, 2009
Hello…i am new to this community…..maybe around a month old now…and I must admit that its the cleanest community I have seen…..


I was just curious that is this saturn and jupiter action is it over….
I dont know much about astrology but I can see that things are not moving smoothly anymore… the company in which i was placed is tottering even though it features in the list of fortune 500 companies……

God only knows what is going wrong….but i am not doing well in my career nor on the personal front…..

Any suggestions Michelle…I would look forward to it….

Michelle Young – Mar 31, 2009
A US national soup company just launched a marketing plan that will be that kind of winner for example: They’re offering free seeds for your garden if you post the UPC code to them. It’s not much. It saves you a little; it saves the company in a creative means of advertising that merges a good will initiative people will remember for a long time. They’ve also managed to create a bit of positive public relations by working with the schools too. From the community’s perspective, they will come out smelling like roses for their efforts because they will be spotted as the company making the effort to stay connected–and they probably will find it easier to stay afloat as a result. From where I sit, it’s an absolute stroke of genius! The good will approach through the adjustment of Jupiter combined with the hard work and responsible approach (Saturn) and a mindful eye to consider the good of all through that responsible effort of Pluto now that it’s moved into Capricorn. The focus like this is the kind that will enable a company to stay afloat when the going gets rough.

That said, if you have such ideas that can be winning, real brainstormers, now is the time to take it to those who can help you to bring it to reality. And just maybe you’ll be able to turn this downturn into a winning combination. Please remember, however, you’ll need to be sure to balance your actions and reactions wisely so you don’t end up coming across as mercenary. Times like these will require you to think first and creatively. 
I hope that helps. (I’ll be interested in hearing.)

Tanmoy… On the Rocks – Mar 31, 2009
Its wonderful to see that U care so much….

I read through the Pluto and Saggitarius thread….Michelle I am afraid that even though I have creativity but I am having trouble channelizing it in the right direction….

But I do assure that whatever happens I am going to hold on and hang in there….bcoz i have a belief that the more we progress into the Night….the closer we get towards Dawn…