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Michelle Young

Get set, everyone! It’s finally happening!
If things go according to what we’re hoping here on the site, Phase 2 will begin over the next 3 weeks.
I’m in the midst of finishing the 2015 Solar Returns for India and Pakistan so I can wrap up an article I’ve been eager to put to bed at last with Dell Horoscope, and then the Astrology and Scorpio communities will begin to see their archives uploaded here for additional comments and new conversation! It promises to be a busy month!

And please, if you’re having issues in receiving mail from the site, let us know! If you’re a registered member (it’s free!), you should be getting notices whenever a new Feature article is posted. If you’re also participating in the communities or have favorited threads or the communities themselves (I think the communities can also be favorited), you should get notice here too about when new comments are made. :yes:

I do hope you’ll join in. :heart: :rose: